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There is a fantastic love story of the co-evolution of flying foxes and Myrtaceous trees and shrubs.
Instead, the pattern in total gall species richness can largely be explained by the fact that myrtaceous tree species (of the genus Eucalyptus and the closely related genus Syncarpia) supported more gall species than other plant species (Fig.
The number of myrtaceous tree species is included because this was the most gall-prone plant group.
2) shows the hypothesized direct effect of soil fertility on gall species richness, the direct effect of myrtaceous tree species richness on gall species richness, and the indirect effects of soil fertility and myrtaceous tree species richness caused by their correlation.
Direct and indirect effects of soil fertility (total soil phosphorus, mg/kg) and myrtaceous tree species richness on gall insect species richness as determined from path analysis (Fig.
A combination of factors probably contributed to this generalised relationship: the abundance of mass-flowering myrtaceous trees, aridity during past glacials which may have removed specialists from the system, and the sharing of nectar sources with bats.