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surgical repair of a perforated eardrum with a tissue graft

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Surgical treatment of chronic middle ear disease: myringoplasty and tympanoplasty.
the analysis of the displacements of the intact TM and the TM after the operation of myringoplasty according to the predicted fixation place.
If it has failed to heal or close within six months, a myringoplasty (an operation to repair the eardrum) may be required.
Following is detailed coverage of general otosurgical procedures, myringoplasty, ossiculoplasty, simple mastoidectomy, and canal wall tympanoplasty, among other topics.
A new concept of Bilateral Myringoplasty was coined by Dr.
To the Editor: Myringoplasty is the surgical restoration of the perforated tympanic membrane by grafting, with the principal goals being a 'dry ear' and improved hearing.
A healthy 40-year-old female presented for elective myringoplasty and canaloplasty.
He begins with closed cavity procedures (tympanoplasty), including preoperative and postoperative care for myringoplasty, meatoplasty, canaloplasty, ossiculoplasty and specailty applications such as transcanal myringotomy with a ventilating tube.
Size of mastoid air cell system in relation to healing after myringoplasty and to eustachian tube function.
SAN DIEGO -- Paper-patch myringoplasty should be tried before a patient is referred for myringoplasty surgery, especially if the perforation is no larger than 5 mm, Dr.
We conclude that office-based platelet-rich plasma myringoplasty is a safe and effective minimally invasive procedure that is suitable for repairing small tympanic membrane perforations.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Myringoplasty set- 6 sets