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the commonest protein in muscle

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But his myosin assay gives users an inside look at this aspect of a trout's genetic make-up.
If the muscle is in the process of absorbing recoil energy when it is told to contract, the actin and myosin shorten and push together.
MiR-1 could strongly enhance myogenesis by increasing expression of myogenic markers, including myogenin, myosin heavy chain, MyoD, MEF2, and skeletal a-actin (Chen et al.
A method for preparing Ca-inhibitory myosin in its actin--myosin interaction was developed by Kohama and Kendrick-Jones.
Expression level of isoforms of the myosin heavy chain gene and the key genes in the regulation pathways of muscle fibers in the psoas major muscle
Brain myosin-V is a two-headed unconventional myosin with motor activity.
This technique allowed us to monitor the sequence of events that result in ATP hydrolysis by the myosin molecule and the corresponding mechanical interactions between myosin and actin.
Equatorial stimulation holds that a positive signal promotes cortical contractility through activation of myosin in between the spindle poles, while polar and/or astral relaxation posits that a signal coming from the vicinity of the spindle poles inhibits contractility, causing the polar cortex to relax.
The gastrocnemius of four groups was tested by hematoxylin-eosin staining, proliferating cell nuclear antigen and CD34 immunohistochemistry staining, and myosin ATPase staining.
Compared with normal fibroblasts, cancer-associated fibroblasts pull harder on connective fibers, thanks partly to increased activity of a motor protein called myosin 11.
The expression level of myosin light chain kinase (MLCK) and cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP-1) of the thoracic aorta was detected using Western Blot analysis.
Myosin VIIa-positive cells were detected to compare the effects of various combinations of growth factors on the differentiation of NSCs into hair-like cells.
12) Affected cardiac sarcomere proteins include giant (titin), thick ([beta]-myosin heavy chain, [alpha]-myosin heavy chain, regulatory myosin light chain, essential myosin light chain), intermediate (cardiac myosin-binding protein C), and thin filaments (cardiac troponin T, cardiac troponin I, [alpha]-tropomyosin, [alpha]-cardiac actin, cardiac troponin C).
4] The sliding filament theory was based on the observation that there are two separate sets of filament actin and myosin located differently with myosin filaments in A band, and on electron microscopy there are two interdigitating sets of filament and length of A band does not change during contraction.