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Comparative utility of gated myocardial perfusion imaging and transthoracic coronary flow reserve for the assessment of coronary artery disease in patients with left bundle branch block.
Clinical value of acute rest technetium-99m tetrofosmin tomographic myocardial perfusion imaging in patients with acute chest pain and nondiagnostic electrocardiogram.
Technetium 99m based myocardial perfusion imaging predicts clinical outcome in the community outpatient setting: The nuclear utility in the community ('NUC') study.
Utility of myocardial perfusion imaging in patients with low-risk treadmill scores.
4 years of follow-up, the combined rate of cardiovascular death, nonfatal MI, or revascularization more than 4 weeks after myocardial perfusion imaging was 32% in patients with at least 10% left ventricular ischemia on their presenting SPECT study, 14% in those with l%-9% ischemia, and 8% in those with no ischemia.
3-5) However, intermediate pretest probability patients with baseline ECG abnormalities such as electronically paced ventricular rhythm or left bundle-branch block will require myocardial perfusion imaging.
99m]Tc sestamibi single-photon emission CT myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI).
The authors provide thorough discussions of myocardial perfusion imaging, myocardial infarct imaging, dynamic cardiac imaging, cardiac positron emission tomography (PET) and the fundamentals of electrocardiography.
PET myocardial perfusion imaging as an accurate and non-invasive means in the evaluation of ischemia and the assessment of myocardial viability as well as the potential for myocardial blood flow quantification
Objective: To determine the effects of combining maximum physical stress with adenosine infusion by using bicycle ergometer in sestamibi myocardial perfusion imaging and its impact on adenosine induced adverse effects, image quality, detection of ischemia and patient's compliances.
Long-term prognostic value of exercise 99mTc-MIBI SPET myocardial perfusion imaging in patients after percutaneous coronary intervention.
In January 2015, a multi-center, multi-vendor study of myocardial perfusion imaging with regadenoson comparing CT perfusion to SPECT found a comparable diagnostic accuracy of CT perfusion to SPECT.
The nuclear test or myocardial perfusion imaging is a non-invasive evaluation of a coronary artery disease.
In a prospective series of 120 consecutive patients referred for pharmacologic myocardial perfusion imaging stress testing by primary care physicians, surgeons, and cardiologists, 60% of patients were able to mount the treadmill and exercise to 85% of their estimated maximum heart rate, Dr.
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