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Picture from the Geoff Charles, National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth; Georgie the mynah bird lived at Ruthin Castle pub in Mold and was photographed with licensee Alan Bell on January 7 1977.
He is a professional mynah bird, a mimic, an impressionist and voice actor.
Characters over 70 are now as rare as a sighting of the Mynah Bird in Cwmderi.
I became certain that she would never forgive me for having identified her with the mynah bird.
Jones's early films are anchored by cute Thorson-designed creatures such as Sniffles the adenoidal mouse, Inki the politically incorrect African boy, his inscrutable mynah bird antagonist, and the curious puppy.
In another scene, a mynah bird repeatedly says "attention, attention":
It's worth going just to have a chat with its legendary mynah bird, that says "don't go" in a small child's voice whenever anyone tries to wander away from its cage.
Martin, the pet Mynah bird (pictured with Ron and some of the regulars) was a perfect mimic and female patrons could expect a loud wolf whistle from the bird who had to retire to bed at 9 o'clock each night because the smoke in the bar made him cough .
What has happened to the mynah bird at Birmingham Botanical Gardens?
She even brought a mynah bird with her and as she and Fred sat chatting, the old bird was squawking in the background, which brought back fond memories of Betty.
Placement of phenol thread and Schirmer strips in the lower conjunctival fornix is more commonly used to evaluate tear production in animals, and here we also suggest using the lower conjunctival fornix technique to evaluate tear secretion in the common mynah bird.
WHEN I think back to my childhood visits to Uncle Jim and Auntie Betty I always remember their warm welcome, their talking mynah bird and music.
The original host was Ray Martine who was accompanied by his pet mynah bird.
I'd like to say that Morgan was the star attraction but I'm afraid Kiki the mynah bird from Pets' Corner, who says "bicycle", was the pick of the day.
Philip recalls how Sarah Ferguson, the Duke of York's former wife, being wolf-whistled by a mynah bird as she gave a speech in the banqueting suite.