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The words perhaps epitomize the mynah bird itself, so cheerful in its sleek elegant black plumage but awful in its raucous shrieks that only the most exquisite inner ear could convert to dulcet poetic tones.
Although my cat might love it, I won't rush out and get a mynah bird.
Abstract: To evaluate tear production in the common mynah (Acridotheres tristis) using the phenol red thread test (PRTT) and to make a comparison of measurements with the PRTT placed in the fornices of lower and upper eyelids, tear production of both eyes in 22 healthy adult captive mynah birds was evaluated.
Hepatopathy and lymphosarcoma in a mynah bird with excessive iron storage.
WHEN I think back to my childhood visits to Uncle Jim and Auntie Betty I always remember their warm welcome, their talking mynah bird and music.
The original host was Ray Martine who was accompanied by his pet mynah bird.
I'd like to say that Morgan was the star attraction but I'm afraid Kiki the mynah bird from Pets' Corner, who says "bicycle", was the pick of the day.
Philip recalls how Sarah Ferguson, the Duke of York's former wife, being wolf-whistled by a mynah bird as she gave a speech in the banqueting suite.
ON returning home from holiday a Chinese woman was astonished to hear her pet mynah bird squawking "I love you", "divorce" and "be patient".
She even brought a mynah bird with her and as she and Fred sat chatting, the old bird was squawking in the background, which brought back fond memories of Betty.
My serial killings began when I was about nine or 10 and came into possession of a beautiful black mynah bird, a breed of large Asiatic starling that, like a parrot or budgie, can be easily taught to pronounce words.
Congestive heart failure due to mitral regurgitation in an Indian mynah bird.
What ability do certain species of mynah bird have that most birds don't have?
On the plus side, as far as I was concerned, was the opportunity to go along after public opening times to visit the night watchman, who had a mynah bird which had a marvellous vocabulary.
PROS: Laughter is the best medicine and there's nothing funnier than a parrot or mynah bird repeating inappropriate phrases in front of the vicar.