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large (bear-sized) extinct edentate mammal of the Pleistocene in South America

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A metal sign clatters urgently as wind rages across the endless, empty plains, where I imagine several hundred mylodons could comfortably have roamed.
La fauna era muy rica y existian gravigrados, folivoros (Glossotherium, Mylodon, Megatherium).
A Pleistocene ground sloth, Mylodon harlani, from Rock Creek, Texas.
Post-glacial vegetation in the South Patagonian territory of the giant ground sloth, Mylodon.
In an episode of emblematic pedantry, when Pilkington reaches the mouth of the mylodon cave that was both the motive for and climax of Chatwin's journey, he feels compelled to check its measurements against those provided by In Patagonia, only to confirm his worst fears: Chatwin's cave is four times larger than life.
Like Theroux, Bruce Chatwin, who had traveled to far-away places, was drawn to Patagonia for its mystery and isolation, but also under the pretense of a quest for an elusive piece of mylodon skin.
This species, Mylodon darwinii, has a larger body size than Megalonyx from the Old Crow Basin.
Chatwin had ventured to this remote zone of Argentina and Chile's southern latitudes because of the skin of a giant sloth, a mylodon, found in a cave on the Last Hope Sound by his grandmother's cousin, Charley Milward, a merchant-ship captain who had settled in Punta Arenas after a shipwreck.
In one of his last transformations, as a mylodon (a huge sloth-like mammal of the pleistocene period), Alton sees a tree falling toward his cousin and tries to call out to save him.
From a mylodon Alton transforms into a baby-ape in Bornean to rests and in so doing, he begins a new path of development that traces both the physical and cultural aspects of hominid evolution.
This adontia has so far been confined or noted only in some members of the subfamily Mylodontinae; specifically in the Plio-Pleistocene genera of Mylodon from South America and Paramylodon from North America (McAfee, 2007, 2009).
Cabe mencionar que en Patagonia extrandina se ha documentado la presencia de fecas bien preservadas de Panthera onca mesembrina con osteodermos y pelos de Mylodon darwini (Borrero 2001; Prieto 1991).
Estos sitios fueron fechados aproximadamente entre 13 500 y 10 000 anos radiocarbonicos AP, periodo durante el cual megamamiferos como Mylodon darwini, grandes mamiferos como Hippidion saldiasi, Panthera onca mesembrina, Smilodon sp.
1983) senalan, a partir de los osteodermos mencionados, que los restos recuperados podrian corresponder tanto a Mylodon como a Glossotherium.