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large (bear-sized) extinct edentate mammal of the Pleistocene in South America

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A metal sign clatters urgently as wind rages across the endless, empty plains, where I imagine several hundred mylodons could comfortably have roamed.
A Pleistocene ground sloth, Mylodon harlani, from Rock Creek, Texas.
Post-glacial vegetation in the South Patagonian territory of the giant ground sloth, Mylodon.
In an episode of emblematic pedantry, when Pilkington reaches the mouth of the mylodon cave that was both the motive for and climax of Chatwin's journey, he feels compelled to check its measurements against those provided by In Patagonia, only to confirm his worst fears: Chatwin's cave is four times larger than life.
Like Theroux, Bruce Chatwin, who had traveled to far-away places, was drawn to Patagonia for its mystery and isolation, but also under the pretense of a quest for an elusive piece of mylodon skin.
In the Arroyo Seco 2 site, 24 species were recovered from the lower component, nine of which belonged to extinct megamammals: Eutatus seguini, Mylodon sp.
Chatwin had ventured to this remote zone of Argentina and Chile's southern latitudes because of the skin of a giant sloth, a mylodon, found in a cave on the Last Hope Sound by his grandmother's cousin, Charley Milward, a merchant-ship captain who had settled in Punta Arenas after a shipwreck.