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infestation of the body by the larvae of flies (usually through a wound or other opening) or any disease resulting from such infestation

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Myiasis is usually treated by removal of the larvae and treatment of associated infections.
Urogenital myiasis usually occurs in human with poor personal hygiene, poor general condition, with low mobility and ulcerating lesions.
Urinary myiasis is rarely observed in humans and is strongly associated with poor hygiene; small measures can prevent its development.
Al-Sormi explained that myiasis is caused by a blue fly that lays her eggs in the soft tissue of the host.
A consultant diagnosed him with the rare disease Myiasis, contracted by an infestation of parasitic larvae.
Members of both of these fly families, but especially those of the Calliphoridae, may be involved in myiasis, the parasitic infection of humans and animals by fly larvae.
7,8) The presence of eggs and the distribution of striated muscle exclude myiasis (Table 2).
10) Even a cursory scan of the medical literature will yield numerous citations of imported cases of myiasis, malaria, yellow fever, dengue, intestinal parasites, and West Nile encephalitis, all of which are related to various insects or parasites.
Other conditions that may mimic cutaneous larva migrans include contact dermatitis, bacterial or fungal infections, scabies, myiasis, and loiasis and other helminthic infections.
We highlight the importance of recognizing unusual bacteria that are associated with the larvae of parasitic flies as a potential causative agent of severe infection in patients with myiasis in the United Kingdom and possibly worldwide.
Only a small number of cases of myiasis have been previously reported in patients with a head and neck malignancy; most of these occurred in patients with primary or metastatic skin cancer.
Myiasis is infestation of live tissue of humans by larvae (maggots), with ocular myiasis being the most prevalent type.
This flesh fly has been reported several times as an agent of human cutaneous wounds and eye myiasis (Burgess & Spraggs 1992; Razmjou et al.