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one ten thousandth of a centner

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On this context, the Chairman and Managing Director of myG and a young and promising entrepreneur, A K Shaji said, "myG has always aimed to explore and accomplish new dimensions in the field of technology by expanding our chain of outlets across Kerala.
The next 12 months will be a difficult time for annuity sales, less so for indexed annuities and more so for MYGs and variable annuities.
That includes the market for MYG which have so much appeal to today's stock market-leery consumers.
Due to the low rate environment, most of the shorter-term MYG annuities, with guarantees running 3 years and less, were removed from the market but will reappear as rates rise.
The Norris Green school defeated Rudston in the final and will represent Liverpool at the MYG, the other beaten semifinalists were St Paschal Baylon.
NO strangers to the MYG were two referees at the Tag Rugby competition Andy Southan and Danny McGanley.
The activity formerly known as Indoor Athletics has changed its name to Sports Hall Athletics, and is due to take place outside at the MYG.
For her school has the distinction of being the only establishment in Liverpool to have qualified for the MYG in two events and the Year 5 youngster could have been selected for both.
One of her last acts before meeting up with the rest of the squad on Tuesday at Lilleshall was as coach to the Sefton Girls football team at the MYG.
A teacher from the school, Mr Graham Harrison is a definite enthusiast for the MYG and said: ``This is the one time of the year when we can find other teams to play and the boys really enjoy the competition.
1, 2, 3, 7, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 : UP/DN), between Ankleshwar-Bharuch on ST : MYG Section under SSE(B)BH of Vadodara Division.