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a toxin produced by a fungus

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Feed mycotoxin detoxifier is one of the rapidly growing feed additives that are used to degrade the toxic substances into non-toxic substances or to reduce the exposure of mycotoxins in animal feed.
Mycotoxins are harmful toxins produced in cattle feed by species of fungi as a result of improper storage and handling.
Applying crop protection chemicals or biological controls to mitigate mycotoxin contamination.
00--Overview on major toxigenic fungi and mycotoxins in plant disease, human and animal health effects
Diets and feeding: A 14-d feeding trial was conducted to evaluate the recovery of pigs that previously consumed diets contaminated with mycotoxin in Exp.
Mycotoxin management specialist Alltech points out that compaction of grass in the clamp is absolutely crucial.
Ongoing mold and mycotoxin exposure can be a very serious issue, creating illness in the genetically susceptible.
Over three hundred mycotoxins are known, and most of them have toxic effects on animals and birds [3].
The Global Mycotoxin Regulations Tool is the first of its kind.
Determining mycotoxins and mycotoxigenic fungi in food and feed.
BIOMIN will share the latest mycotoxins survey results, reveal the future of mycotoxin degradation and unveil innovations in animal health and nutrition.
Sample preparation and clean up in mycotoxin analysis: principles, applications and recent developments 3.
Mycotoxins are molds that can sometimes cause illness in humans, and where you have drought and starvation there can be a mycotoxin problem," he said.
Post-harvest fungal ecology: impact of fungal growth and mycotoxin accumulation in stored grain.
Leveraging on the latest technologies and extensive R&D programs, BIOMIN offers sustainable quality products which include solutions for mycotoxin risk management, a groundbreaking natural growth promoting concept as well as other specific solutions which address dietary requirements for swine, poultry, dairy and aquaculture.