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the vegetative part of a fungus consisting of a mass of branching threadlike hyphae

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The robots can then head out into the 16 x 16-foot sandy terrain, based on a 3D map created from the Kinect sensor from previous excursions, and inject mycelium into the environment.
The colonies of Pestalotiopsis on PDA were whitish with crenated edges and aerial mycelium.
19) Mushrooms grown on natural substrates contain precursors that yield secondary metabolites such as triterpenoids whereas mycelium produced on cereal grains lack such precursors.
solani strain ZJ001 increased with the increase of incubation time, while the diameter of the mycelium was 39.
Without revealing any of his trade secrets, the young businessman explains that the fast-growing mushroom mycelium are formed into the desired shape--perhaps a cup or plate or block--in a mold and baked at a high temperature.
The colonization frequency of the particles was determined as number of emerged fungal species (one or two per particle) from particles divided by the number of inoculated particles, multiplied by 100 in order to obtain the percentage of particles with adhered mycelium (Bills et al.
A filamentous thallus is a vegetative mycelium that is produced by fungi, composed of hyphae that branch and extend via tip elongation.
Things might get worse during prolonged periods of moist weather when you may also see a pink ring of mycelium around the infected areas.
companies to produce grain-laden Cordyceps mycelium.
1 material for planting: plants alive, bulbs, tubers and roots, cuttings and tendrils, the mycelium of fungi (the code for CPV CC 021: 2015-03100000-2 Agricultural products and plant products) flowers, annuals
The isolates were cultured in CA medium, and after five days of the cultures development, discs from the margin of the colonies were removed to be paired with other disc containing mycelium of the isolates A1, or A2 or from the isolate itself, interleaved by a disc of CA medium.
The mycelium was harvested by filtration and washed thrice to free the adhering medium.
Also, it is evident that the mycelium of the aggressor advances in a broad front over the mycelium of the victim.
And this is Myco Board made from mushroom mycelium.