mutually exclusive

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unable to be both true at the same time

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The IRS National Office concluded that the taxpayer's first option of maintaining the status quo was mutually exclusive but that not much of the cost at issue was attributable to that option.
In this sense, the parting of the ways "did not have to be" in terms of a mutually exclusive arrangement of mutual expulsion.
As the authors note, in a casual manner, that an individuals development and growth is likely to be uneven and not fit easily into mutually exclusive theoretical categories.
Skepticism helps one, as well, to question various theories about the terrorist attacks of 9/11 (page 18), ask if the Islam practiced in the United States is really comparable to the Islam practiced elsewhere (page 22), investigate the anti-abortionist claim that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer (page 7), and challenge "the myth that making profits and protecting the public interest are mutually exclusive goals" (page 26).
FiberMax has raised the bar in terms of quality and yield, which were once considered mutually exclusive by researchers and economists.
We believe that environmental and economic concerns--as well as concerns for social and economic justice--are mutually dependent, not mutually exclusive," Diehl said.
But it is another matter when people demonize others in the interest of their own position, turning two sides of the same coin into a false choice between mutually exclusive alternatives.
These goals need not be, and happily are not, mutually exclusive in this endeavor.
Simplicity" and "magically" are rarely linked together, but they are not really mutually exclusive.
These theories are not mutually exclusive, yet no earlier study has integrated the two in a single theoretical or empirical model.
But I'm not certain long-term career building and protecting present employment are mutually exclusive.
eIBlog Cabin' proves that the worlds of computers and of power tools are not mutually exclusive and is an exciting new way our brand users can interact with us and with each other.
After allowing time for resolution regarding mutually exclusive LPFM applications, the FCC still has a pile of unresolved competitive situations, which it is now on the road to concluding.
Tougher enforcement and a path to citizenship aren't mutually exclusive goals.
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