mutually exclusive

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unable to be both true at the same time

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The IRS National Office concluded that the taxpayer's first option of maintaining the status quo was mutually exclusive but that not much of the cost at issue was attributable to that option.
In this sense, the parting of the ways "did not have to be" in terms of a mutually exclusive arrangement of mutual expulsion.
The history of diagnostic categories, the politics of hospital attendants, the evolution of commitment laws, the rituals of patient interrogations, the conflicts of social workers struggling with the mutually exclusive goals of aiding women and preserving families, and the roles of families in policing their members are all subject to Lunbeck's incisive analysis.
Downsizing and hiring are not mutually exclusive, explained Harrison.
The argument running throughout these studies affirms that Arabism and Ottomanism were not mutually exclusive.
These theories are not mutually exclusive, yet no earlier study has integrated the two in a single theoretical or empirical model.
But I'm not certain long-term career building and protecting present employment are mutually exclusive.
eIBlog Cabin' proves that the worlds of computers and of power tools are not mutually exclusive and is an exciting new way our brand users can interact with us and with each other.
Tougher enforcement and a path to citizenship aren't mutually exclusive goals.
They are not intended to be mutually exclusive but can coexist in one configuration.
According to Kenneth and Jonathan Goldman, "This portfolio presented an unusual assignment as we had two goals, both of which were mutually exclusive.
pageant, a drag queen competition attended by over 3,000 people in the school auditorium, I discovered that neither event is mutually exclusive because almost everything and everybody in this town says, "Welcome
Dinner with dozens of preschoolers and an evening of literary discourse sound like mutually exclusive events.
To judge from their recent jumble of mutually exclusive directives, their actual goal might be mass psychosis.
On the contrary, they suggest the conflation of visual pleasure and critique, which are too often considered mutually exclusive in art.
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