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Synonyms for mutuality

a reciprocality of sentiments

a reciprocal relation between interdependent entities (objects or individuals or groups)

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Supervisors must, to some extent, rely on this mutuality of interest in performing their tasks.
In Arendt's demand that power rest on "reciprocity and mutuality," there is no ground for denying that what Heidegger and his fellow Germans did was "legitimate.
Mutuality in capacity does not exist among affiliate reinsurers and the insolvent cedant or when one of the parties is acting in a representative capacity, such as a trustee.
The pilot unions released the following prepared statement concerning their mutuality agreement:
AMB is composed of persons and institutions who are committed to the preservation and advancement of mutuality as a viable business model for FDIC depository institutions.
All those building societies that shed their mutuality have either collapsed or are near collapse.
As we don't have shareholders to consider, we can pass on the benefits of mutuality and of our success to members.
He examines utopians such as Edward Carpenter, Havelock Ellis and Olive Schreiner, describing how they rejected what we now describe as Victorian patriarchy and prudery and promoted relationships based on equality, and describes the ways in which mutuality was tested in the first half of the twentieth century in youth clubs, marriage, and in studies of male sexuality and women's emancipation.
The Halifax, Abbey National, the Woolwich and Cheltenham & Gloucester - all are former mutuals which lost their independence and their mutuality over the last 15 years, and ended up as part of larger, shareholder-owned groups.
Our citizenship is with this Jesus who is Truth, who rules by love and self-giving, and whose reign is characterized by mutuality, friendship, and service.
Mr Bernau had previously sounded a bullish note for mutuality following the Standard Life vote in favour of flotation.
She highlights the mutuality of the interaction by describing an interactive lesson as an example of how theater can be used to teach academic or social subjects.
Rachel Thrussell, savings research editor of MoneyFacts, said, 'With Monmouthshire winning this award for the two years running, it again highlights the true benefits of mutuality to the consumer.
While we are strong believers in the benefits of mutuality, we believed that a conversion to a mutual holding company was essential for several reasons, primary being our previous structure--several unconsolidated mutuals--was increasingly unwieldy and inflexible; and if we were to continue to be a leader in what had become a global business, then we needed greater flexibility to raise capital and to continue out M&A activity," said Laurance Yahia, senior vice president and director of corporate finance.
The committee of lay and clergy representatives appointed by presiding bishops of the two churches addressed reports of financial mismanagement in the dioceses of Western and Northern Mexico and "the need for greater mutuality in mission and ministry.