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mutually dependent

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Once social order was ensured through mutualist federalism, it would, Proudhon argued, become less possible for states to wage wars because they could not raise the taxes to pay for it without the direct consent of the people; they could not raise the armies to fight and the absence of abject social poverty would be less of a prompt for people to fight for the spoils of war.
Therefore, there is no longer any justification for rating BFCM higher than other members of the mutualist group.
obtusifolia does not appear to provide its mutualist ants with a direct or immediate reward, enticing them to recruit to sites of damage.
They conclude that empirical studies ought to emphasize measuring benefits to the putative mutualist partners.
As Hain and Hebditch had underscored in their writing on the anarchist, mutualist and libertarian traditions within nineteenth-century socialism, individual emancipation had always been central to left-wing politics.
Piper (Piperaceae) has been considered a key mutualist species for fruit bats (Fleming, 1985; Thies & Kalko, 2004).
Each leafcutter species has its own mutualist partner, a fungus that it grows and cultivates for food and that in turn depends on the ants for food and shelter.
The first mutualist plan was offered 400 years before the revolution when, in 1559, a physician from Spain offered a plan for medical care in exchange for a regular fee.
Evoking Kropotkin's characterization of revolutions as 'speed-ups--or rapid mutations--in the evolution of society' (28) and anarchism's welcoming attitude toward all 'strands of mutualist action and rebellious thought,' including 'symbolic acts (which some anarchists have called "propaganda of the deed"),' (29) he repeated that Indigenous and Metis 'self-governance' was rooted in cultural/organization practices antithetical to hierarchical forms of delegated authority and statist political institutions.
Citing the period of 1880s to 1930s as othe age of the masses,o Hill examines a time when politics increasingly bowed to the interests of othe people,o and cultural life saw the rise of commercial mass culture alongside older voluntary and mutualist associations.
pubescens clustered, as would be expected if there was concurrent spread of a disease or other pest species, or the concurrent decline of a mutualist.
Experts in the co-operative and mutualist movement are gathering in Quebec, Canada, on October 6-9, 2014, for the 2014 International Summit of Co-operatives.
Symbiotic mutualism situates mutualist creatures in relations of interdependence with others, and so the needs of each constitute calls to others.
The IgA antibodies also provide a substrate that allows our mutualist bacteria to form the biofilms that line and protect the colon and appendix.