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Synonyms for mutter


Synonyms for mutter

to speak or utter indistinctly, as by lowering the voice or partially closing the mouth

to complain in low indistinct tones

a low indistinct utterance of complaint

Synonyms for mutter

a low continuous indistinct sound

a complaint uttered in a low and indistinct tone

make complaining remarks or noises under one's breath

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The performances of Dvorak's concerto by Zimmermann and Mutter are exceptional indeed in terms of tone.
So, Alan Mutter is right on when he says there is a new medium to conquer--the instant iPad news device.
Specifically, "Die Mutter actually combines dramatic cohesion and montage, identification and distance, emotional arousal and Verfremdung, in order to achieve its political impact" (218).
And now a discerning north west audience can make their own assessment, as Mutter makes her Manchester debut next Wednesday to perform not one, not two, but THREE Mozart violin concertos.
The Anne-Sophie Mutter concert is part of the hall's international concerts to mark its 10th anniversary.
Some golf coaches, when losing two exceptional players, might mutter to themselves, ``what now,'' or, ``back to the drawing board.
Something is terribly wrong in a church where all that our bishops seem to be able to do is mutter about insubordination to their episcopal authority --at the same time as they themselves are rejecting the authority and witness of the worldwide Anglican church.
The museum was opened in 1863, after Philadelphia physician Thomas Mutter donated his 1,700-item personal museum of bones, plaster casts, medical illustrations and other pathological artifacts to the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.
He would rim it out or run it by,' Then mutter something with a sigh.
Mutter is an accomplished violin virtuoso and a most beautiful woman to boot.
Mother-of-three Helen Mutter was so terrified that she complained to Wiltshire police and Swindon Town FC.
People from other departments who spotted the gun were heard to mutter, "He's a radical
For a further discussion, see Hohn 57-90 and Ursula Erler Mutter in der BRD: Ideologie und Wirklichkeit (Starnberg, 1973) 85-87.
The answer for media companies is to protect content so it cannot be obtained by unauthorized users and to then sell it," says Alan Mutter, president, CEO, and director of SealedMedia.
As proof, he recalled the little rhyme his colleagues used to mutter to themselves during the early 1990's doldrums while waiting for the phone to ring.