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Synonyms for muteness

the avoidance of speech

Synonyms for muteness

the condition of being unable or unwilling to speak

a refusal to speak when expected


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Elisabet's muteness, in turn, can be thought of as a form of fearless silence', silence as protest, willfully pursued against doctor's orders and against the demands that the public places on the great actress.
In this installation, the animals watch the humans, silently, in a mute stillness that seems absolute, that Younge (2012) refers to as "a condition of muteness .
never suffered that form of falsification, the repetition (and suggestion of immortality) constitutive of stardom, while the muteness of silent film itself embodied a form of suffering, a speechlessness compelling the eyes to explore.
Faced at the time with continued and expanding use of chemical weapons against our soldiers and civilians alike, and persistent muteness and inaction on the part of the United Nations Security Council, Iran was left with no alternative.
And, over there, there is amazingly a queer kind of muteness that prevails.
Whether we are considering daily rituals, such as water cooler conversations, or more subtle norms, such as a collective muteness about ethical issues in the workplace, (4) ample evidence indicates that the informal aspects of a culture can powerfully shape individual behavior.
It's unfortunately understandable that Christians thought this, especially when Luke gives instances of epilepsy (9:39), muteness (11:14), and kyphosis (13:1013) as ailments caused by demonic possession.
Some examples of disability include having a birth or developmental defect, a learning disability, a brain injury, lack of physical co-ordination, blindness, deafness, or muteness.
Drawing on Winnicott's theories of being alone and Nancy's poetic conjuring of what it feels like to fall asleep, we hear in Dorothy's and William's writing what Jacobus calls "the audible sounds of life" in even the quietest moments of solitude or muteness (117).
In this poem, Montague recalls an actual speech lesson administered when, as a boy, recently transplanted from his parents in Brooklyn to his aunts in Tyrone, he suffered a bout of muteness.
There is a sense of stillness in many of these writings that one does not find in the expression of other major subjects for poetry, such as love or the ending of love, and the poems collected in Time of Grief seem to each display a sort of cognitive muteness.
The muteness of the physical object then reflects the actual one-sided muteness of the dialogue with the missing parent.
20) This is expressed by Pietro's muteness, which reminds the viewer of the young Vito Corleone's muteness when he arrives to Ellis Island in the beginning of Coppola's The Godfather, Part 2.
From the monstrosity of the top commanders to the muteness of the many who must have seen, heard, known or suspected - the facts must be faced and learned from.
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