mustard tree

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Synonyms for mustard tree

evergreen South American shrub naturalized in United States

glabrous or pubescent evergreen shrub or tree of the genus Salvadora

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Interest in the VPS-1000 is high within the chemical industry, with Mustard Tree receiving an increasing number of requests for demos.
Most of us have never seen a real shepherd, or a mustard tree, or a hen with chicks under her wing.
Once a week he organises tabletennis and pool competitions for under-16s under the Mustard Tree Trust scheme at the Pegswood Union Enterprise Centre.
Cllr Les Topham, the retiring chairman of Stratford District Council, raised money for an Inclusive Leisure Education Activities Project, which works to include disabled young people into leisure and education activities, and The Mustard Tree Project, a Christian housing scheme.
Suddenly all the shelves that used to deal with 12-step programs, self-help gurus, and diets were having to make space for a spirituality section that was growing like a mustard tree.
Manchester's instalment will feature stand-up from Dawn Rigby, Rob Mulholland, Sian Davies and Jamie Hutchinson, and all proceeds will go towards local homeless charity The Mustard Tree.
FIVE teenagers from Pegswood, who are part of a youth club run by Christian charity the Mustard Tree Trust, are enjoying coaching sessions at the Gubeon golf centre near Morpeth thanks to financial support from Morpeth Rotary Club.
His family has asked for donations in lieu of flowers to the Mustard Tree Trust to fund a youth worker for groups in and around Morpeth.
On the way back down, the children passed mustard trees, planted long ago by the Gabrieleno Indians to mark the path heading toward the Santa Barbara missions.