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large shaggy-coated bovid mammal of Canada and Greenland

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Through dealing with the loss of Allen, it became clear that my muskox hunt would take on very special meaning.
Most hunting for muskox, Arctic Island caribou, barren ground grizzly, and polar bear is conducted after freeze-up.
A muskox herd was established in Fairbanks in 1964 with the intent of domesticating muskoxen for commercial fiber production (Watson and Groves, 1989).
In contrast to the other true arctic ungulate, the reindeer Rangifer tarandus, in which many populations undertake extensive seasonal migrations, the muskox is believed to be rather sedentary.
The first year with the compound, I took a deer and muskox with a Magnus Stinger.
A cluster of large "erratic" boulders that you thought were left by a glacier would turn into a small herd of muskox (Ovibos moschatus).
The panel narrowed the names down to five contenders for the VBCI: Polar Bear, Wolverine, Scorpion, Grenadier and Muskox.
With a bit more digging, however, Gombay would have discovered that the Canadian government proposed largescale schemes to commercialize food production in northern Canada as early as the 1910s, granting leases to private companies to establish reindeer herds and establishing a Royal Commission in 1919 to study the viability of large-scale reindeer, caribou, and muskox ranching in northern Canada.
Trio of muskox in Banks Island, Canada WINTER COAT Muskox bull ON A ROLL Having fun on a frozen lake
In addition to having the opportunity to experience a sampling of country foods, including Arctic char, caribou, polar bear and muskox, delegates and guests enjoyed traditional performances from Inuit artists and a fashion show highlighting modern designs of sealskin clothing.
I flew into a remote community one winter for a muskox hunt, and was invited to tour the community freezer to gather some food to take on our trip.
Sandlos divides his account into three sections, each focusing on a particular species of charismatic megafauna: bison, muskox, and caribou.
steak (excluding burger); Muskox, burger; Muskox stir-fried with vegetables; Moose, boiled, baked or roasted; Moose, dried meat; Moose, fried incl.
The takin is a close relative of the muskox found in mountainous regions of the Himalaya and Western China
Another is qiviuk, the world's most expensive wool, gathered from the Arctic muskox.