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musketeers and their muskets collectively

the technique of using small arms (especially in battle)

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Immediately a volley of musketry flamed, thundered, roared in the cavern, bringing down enormous fragments from the vaults.
The rattle of the musketry is continuous, and every bullet's target is that courageous heart.
On 11th May the battalion marched to Berles-au-Bois for musketry training and practice in tactical schemes, brigade sports and inspections which lasted until the end of May.
But before he died by musketry, Abad Santos was able to talk to his young son, Jose Jr.
Rizal was sentenced to die by musketry based on the crime of treason.
They will not lob teargas canisters aimlessly, baton-charge crowds for no good reason or use innocent little children for musketry practice.
Tenders are invited for Training musketry store, quantity as per list attached as app a-91 items
Next, the rifle was then rested and serious musketry essayed at 50 yards, just about the max distance my 73-year-old orbs can handle with any precision using open sights.
At the Glamorgan Volunteer Training Corps Camp held at Porthcawl, where the various companies vied for supremacy at musketry, bombing, drilling and presenting equipment, Porthcawl won the award for the best bugle team.
The first was the simplest of all gas systems--the direct, pistonless gas-impingement system invented in France in 1900 by Monsieur Rossignol, a weapons inspector at the French Musketry School (ENT) and introduced in the ENT B1 autoloading and machine rifles.
Just as early innovations in musketry favored massed effects with limited opportunities for lower level improvisation, systemic automation of tactical units will drive meaningful control up in echelons.
This in 1877, about a decade after formal musketry and competitive rifle programs had been formed in other countries.
The Stafford Perpetual Shield for Musketry was competed for by the crackshots of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade based at the Cannock Chase Reserve Centre, a Great War "centre of excellence" for training.
apply for a license to pack musketry, preferably a pistol filled with live ammo.
The record holder on this is Musketry Sergeant Snoxall, who in 1914 managed 38 hits in one minute.