musket ball

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a solid projectile that is shot by a musket


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The musket ball, made from lead alloy, was found on grassland in Kirkburton.
Researchers used observations from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and Hubble Space Telescope as well as the Keck, Subaru and Kitt Peak Mayall telescopes to show that hot, X-ray bright gas in the Musket Ball Cluster has been clearly separated from dark matter and galaxies.
Among the items Fiona encounters are a musket ball, gold and silver table decorations encrusted in jewels, and Queen Mary's doll's house.
A musket ball, wooden caulking chisel and an old hammerhead are to be seen, cracked and rusty with age but they have all once served a purpose and now become a purpose again as people rediscover them.
He took another musket ball in the wrist, which is shown bandaged in the painting.
A lady spectator, too intent on viewing the action, took a musket ball in the thigh.
Interesting sidelights include the steps in loading and firing a musket and the damage done by a musket ball.
Besides, bone splinters mingled with fragments of the musket ball itself dangerously would hinder healing.
Indeed, some said he dressed his hair with so much pomade it was proof against any musket ball.
15pm Nelson had been struck in the shoulder by a French sniper's musket ball, which penetrated his body and broke his back, and he hung on to life until 4.
See the spot where the brilliant naval commander was killed by a musket ball.
The Edinburgh explorer had been attacked and robbed, making his entrance with a fractured jaw, his right hand almost severed and a musket ball in his hip.