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Nonetheless, journalists, musicologists, and others interested in writing jazz history should take seriously the ideas presented in this book when choosing their methods and shaping their narratives.
It was also a good occasion to think about problems in future, particularly efforts to increase the members of the Branch and to encourage young generations of music librarians, as well as a close cooperation of music librarians, musicologists and persons related music information and documentation.
2) His compositions reveal a deep understanding and respect for folk music, which was undoubtedly strengthened by his acquaintance with the work of Swiss musicologist and conductor Samuel Baud-Bovy (1840-1910).
Pieczonka can also be heard in the recently released The General, an original work written by musicologist Paul Griffiths.
Musicologist and historian Butler, formerly of the South Carolina Historical Society, documents the 54 seasons of performances from the St.
In 1928, she married the noted musicologist Paul Nettl, who was seventeen years her senior.
Deryck Cooke, an English musicologist, did something similar with the fragments Mahler left for a Tenth Symphony.
Daniel Leech-Wilkinson is a distinguished British musicologist whose publications include an edition and study of the Mass by the fourteenth-century composer Guillaume de Machaut and scholarly articles on Machaut's music.
In 1999, acting on a tip, Harvard musicologist and noted Bach scholar Christoph Wolff located the archive in a back storeroom in the Ukraine State Archives in Kiev.
In this paperback edition of the award-winning 2005 biography of Rachmaninoff (1873-1943), a UK musicologist focuses more on the music of this influential Russian pianist, composer, and conductor than on his private life.
in both musical and dramaturgical terms it had an enormous amount to offer, most successful when it opted for the original over the conventional") and also a detailed analysis of designer Michael Levine's contribution by University of Illinois musicologist Katherine R.
Petersen also is editor of Mix Magazine, and Jenkins is a musicologist and lecturer.
Smuin explained that nearly a decade earlier he had begun playing with the idea of reworking the show and had hired a musicologist to compile the Arlen-Mercer songs.
The Music Library of the University at Buffalo (UB), State University of New York (Nancy Nuzzo, director), has received a collection of miscellanea from the library of the esteemed English bibliographer and musicologist Alec Hyatt King.
Maconie, a composer and musicologist, provides a guide to music appreciation that draws on his earlier text The Second Sense: Language, Music, and Hearing.