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In Figure 1, the answer is organised according to musical time as the answer unfolds in the same time sequence as the musical excerpt, from beginning to end.
A Kiwi fruit B Lychee C Passion fruit D Quince QUESTION 7 - for 7 points: What is the musical time signature for a waltz?
Covering numbers from his 40–year career and musical genres spanning double that, Ferry rampaged through time and styles like a louche musical Time Lord.
Blandford, "The Fourth Horn in the Choral Symphony", The Musical Time (Jan.
With the importance of teaching our students appropriate performance practices for each musical time period, it is essential to find creative ways to give historical information in our lessons.
CHILDREN at DBA Theatre had a magical musical time during a summer workshop.
Musical time is different than the flow of time in which we swim, and so the distance between John Zorn's 50th birthday celebration and this month's 60th is better gauged by concepts like magnitudes or dimensions rather than mere years.
Using a proprietary algorithm, GARNER℠ extrapolates the key points in musical time to transition every image.
Many languages including English also use TEMPO for musical time.
Either way, great black music lives on to this day, and a trip back through musical time both recent and long past will do much to remind you of the importance black singers and musicians have had in the creation of the sounds of America.
Another online definition describes it as "pitched sounds arranged in musical time in accordance with given cultural conventions and constraints, represents a universal human phenomenon traceable to prehistoric times" (Melody, 2012b).
In this way her work parallels Merce Cunningham's rejection of classical musical time.
The titles of his works such as 3/3 and 3/4, which reference musical time signatures, underscore the relationship.
Musical time becomes meaningful as the transition to the nonidentical.
The Stamic musicians with double bassist Jiri Hudec have nonetheless been able to resurrect this atmosphere and present it to us like a perfect musical time machine.