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Have students submit information to post on a timeline in your studio that connects the musical time periods with major historical events, inventions, geographic and scientific discoveries, works of art and literature.
Using a proprietary algorithm, GARNER℠ extrapolates the key points in musical time to transition every image.
Many languages including English also use TEMPO for musical time.
Either way, great black music lives on to this day, and a trip back through musical time both recent and long past will do much to remind you of the importance black singers and musicians have had in the creation of the sounds of America.
In this way her work parallels Merce Cunningham's rejection of classical musical time.
The titles of his works such as 3/3 and 3/4, which reference musical time signatures, underscore the relationship.
The Stamic musicians with double bassist Jiri Hudec have nonetheless been able to resurrect this atmosphere and present it to us like a perfect musical time machine.
Music passed the threshold of modernity, Berger argues, at the moment when it mastered the means, both on the level of a single phrase and on the level of larger structural processes, to shape musical time as linear and goal-directed.
Second, and more difficult to establish, if Williams's prosody is speech-based, how might those lines express, as he insisted, musical time and so be the basis of what he notoriously called a "new measure"?
Derby betting: 3 Bexhill Eoin 4-1 Judicial Roy, Musical Time 5 Honest Opinion 6 Eshwary Ando 10 bar.
The musical time limit that was initially stuck onto the group has gradually peeled off and if anything, they are now in control of their own parodied destiny.
THERE are two chances to travel back in musical time this weekend - tomorrow night it's Hazy Dayz at Zanzibar with the return of the magnificent house master Allister Whitehead to Liverpool for a Kool Kat Classics Set, helped by DJ Vertigo, Dreamgirl, Mr DJ, Pluto and Tag.
FM Le Sieur's musical time signatures are fortissimo italiano.
Unique musical time travelers, the group plays popular blends of traditional son, bolero and guaracha circa Cuba in the 1930s, 40s and 50s, yet the classic nature of the tunes strikes a perfect chord with those musical lovers searching ture Latin music.
Nerdist Industries is also the production company behind the animated pilot Hard N Phirm's Musical Time Hole at IFC and is producing the Nerdist pilot for BBC America.