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The linguistic implication for this is that musical phrases of the same or similar length will also need their corresponding lyrics to have similar numbers of syllables in order to it the music.
pure creature, sudden musical phrase not passing in time but hanging,
He can shape a musical phrase and put energy into it so it seems to have a life of its own.
In the first structure, Esercizio Cognitivo I: la musica della sfera (Cognitive Experiment I: The Music of the Sphere), 2007, built like a geodesic dome, a keyboard invited us to play--but the keys were marked with geometric shapes that also appeared as slide projections inside the sphere; following the symbols, one produced a musical phrase.
A person with brain damage may have uncontrollable auditory hallucinations, hearing a musical phrase over and over without relief.
In addition to focusing on pathologies, he explores everyday phenomena, such as music's ability to conjure up images and the annoying tendency for a musical phrase to sometimes stick in one's mind.
Even if it's just a musical phrase of something, just some distraction from the formal structure which steals you away for 10 seconds before you come back into a full song.
The pioneering South Bronx party DJ who in 1974 forged such now-standard turntable techniques as cutting (repeating a beat or musical phrase by moving the record back and forth) and scratching (blending different records together to create a new one) explains the new music caused only the slightest ripples at first.
For example, the average sentence takes 3-4 seconds to verbalize or the average musical phrase takes about 8 seconds to be perceived.
He stood up to play the piano, interpreted a musical phrase and said 'bow would you resolve this problem?
The performers sang one musical phrase to buy each asset and another to sell.
I'm seeing a world, no, a room, or a space like a musical phrase princess, sister/s'aint & tribe imperfect under funeral flowers P/ity Merc(I)(Y) Peace & luve All alone in our boats
Then when I get the musical phrase settled, that shows me the form the song is going to take.