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The invention's unique design enables its users to memorize musical notes in efficient fashion.
He made clear that the most remarkable music innovation which the Syrians have offered the human civilization is represented in the oldest full musical note engraved in an earthen tablet containing four verses written in cuneiform, which are followed by six lines naming the Babylonian music dimensions.
3-2) 14 Inform against (3,2) 16 Musical note (3) 18 Grazing land (3) 19 Sit on a horse (8) 23 Happen, occur (6) 24 Liquid preparation (6) 26 Cousin's mother (4) 27 Jason's legendary ship (4) 28 Darns (4) 30 New, modern (3)
Her owners, Godolphin Racing, also have Little Belle, runner-up to Musical Note in the CCA Oaks, in the Alabama as well.
The installation comprises 125 vertical glow-lights which either pulse or produce a musical note when visitors walk past it.
When someone plucks the string of a guitar or banjo, you hear a musical note.
Every Monday night for three years, these young adults with Down syndrome practiced long and hard - going over each color that corresponded with a musical note on a long piece of cloth sheet music Dixie would hold in front of them.
Rendered with a graphic flatness that recalls ligne claire, the influential illustrational style that Herge pioneered, Paulina whistles (or rather, emits a musical note in a speech bubble) as she strolls beneath the Stalinist-baroque vaults of the metro station; a professorial type in a brown suit does a double take as he spies Cheyney and Eileen behind him in a fresco-filled interior; and Simon gazes moodily at the sidewalk on a nocturnal Brooklyn street.
from "Starling"); or "Scriabin thought/the musical note C was red.
By calculating how far apart the ripples were and how fast sound might travel there, they determined the musical note of the sound.
s Jaunt (choreography by Nicole Pierce, music by Robert Schumann) paired each musical note with a step.
In what may appear to be the quietest music class ever, students learn to knock the bugs off the screen by tapping the correct musical note on the digital keyboard at the bottom of the screen.
The songs can also be activated by pushing a musical note button.
Buttons link to other pages, many of which have a theme tune: Visitors with the right software and hardware can click on a musical note icon and hear a song.
They had to give your job to a minority," says the sneering off-screen narrator, as a pair of white hands crumples a job notice and a synthesizer plays a single, ominous musical note.