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There is a search limiter feature as well giving the option to browse or search smaller subsets of the 1,363 manuscripts by language, musical notation, illuminations, country of origin and other parameters.
Inspired by the limitations of Study 1 and reasons 3 and 4 outlined above, in Study 2 we extended the paradigm by testing whether, in a manner similar to that of the tool shed scenario, the mere presence of musical notation would interfere more with the intended non-musical actions of expert sight-readers than with the same actions of non-musicians.
Even in some of the more representational works, some kind of musical notation appears to be referenced.
Music Literacy: Its Role in the Education of the Blind, by Sylvia Clark, provides a historical perspective of the emergence of various musical notation systems for people who are blind in Europe and the United States.
During the period, composers and performers used more elaborate musical ornamentation, made changes in musical notation, and developed new instrumental playing techniques.
A lusty rendering of Jerusalem was enjoyed with full audience participation, but less so in the setting of the Lord's prayer, where deciphering ancient musical notation proved somewhat challenging.
completely covered with musical notation, some with Hebrew letters, to represent the Yiddish language, the songs, the words, the books and the sacred texts that were also murdered.
Musical notation analysis does not provide a cultural "picture" of how the music is performed, or of dance movements and instrument playing techniques.
During his voyage through history, Johnston pauses to discuss what the theories of Copernicus did to the music of the spheres, how the first phonographs worked, the development of musical notation and why computers only like ones and zeroes.
Beside that text a radio emits musical notation and a stream of tiny violins.
He said the young Mozart almost certainly asked his father to put the pieces to paper because he could not yet do musical notation, and later made his own corrections.
The Double Concerto was Brahms' final orchestral work, and the soloists more than do it justice; they reach far beyond the realm of musical notation to the spirit of the music and convey it, whole, to listeners.
Students were asked to analyze and describe aspects of music they heard, critique instrumental and vocal performances, and demonstrate their knowledge of standard musical notation and music's role in society.
To do so the child generally will use either standard musical notation or graphic notation (Cage & Knowles, 1969; Rudolph & Leonard, 2002; Stone, 1980; Upitis, 1992).
In musical notation, which sign changes a sharp or flat note back to its original value?