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a play or film whose action and dialogue is interspersed with singing and dancing

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Dan says that managing to hit the right note with musical comedy is not easy as it may appear.
Ben, who played Jesus in a national arena tour after winning the competition, sent Chris a good luck video message saying: "Chris and everyone in the Tudor Musical Comedy Society, I hope you enjoy the show as much as me.
Hannon's son-in-law, champion jockey Richard Hughes, successful on Musical Comedy, had earlier reached a milestone of his own when Fun Mac's winHaydock's opener gave him his 200th triumph for 2013.
The play is a musical comedy adaptation of the Zahhak story from the Shahnameh.
Altar Boyz (July 12-21, 2013, NC Theatre Production): Altar Boyz is a foot-stomping, rafter-raising, musical comedy about a fictitious Christian boy-band on the last night of their national “Raise the Praise” tour.
This hilarious musical comedy focuses on the life of a down-on-his-luck, alcoholic theatre owner named Jack.
The musical comedy, which has been one of the West End's biggest hits and is described as "witty, rude and extremely funny", comes to the Liverpool Empire next June as part of a tour.
Summary: The stars of hit musical comedy Glee have spoken about where they think their characters may end up in the future.
SPARKS are sure to fly as Coventry performers Jon Elves and Matt Sweatman share the stage action in modern musical comedy Sex, Drugs & Rick 'N' Noel.
The festival's past entries included the musical comedy "West Bank Story," which won the live-action short Academy Award this week.
Time Steps: My Musical Comedy Life By Donna McKechnie with Greg Lawrence New York: Simon & Schuster, 2006.
Elizabeth DiNovella's "Wal-Mart Send-Up" describes the homegrown Madison musical comedy Walmartopia as an effective comic satire of corporate excesses (February issue).
The musical comedy gained wider recognition when it reached Broadway and starred Muhammad Ali, who had been suspended from boxing because of his refusal to be inducted into the Army.
In 1898, Billy Johnson, not Rosamund, starred with Cole on Broadway in their groundbreaking Negro musical comedy A Trip to Coontown; this photograph is likely related to that event.
Boys solo, 10 years and under: David Macaffrey; Boys solo, 13 years and under: Luke Debelder; Boys solo 15 years and under: Owen Edwards; Girls solo, 10 years and under: Laura Bell and Charlotte Hodgson and Gabrielle Green; Girls solo, 12 years and under: Elisha Lofthouse; Folk song from the British Isles: Laura Braithwaite; Girls solo, 16 years and under: Rowan Pierce; Girls solo, 14 years and under: Rowan Pierce; Vocal duet, 16 years and under: Luke and Laura Debelder, Chris Wheeler and Laura Braithwaite; Light opera or musical comedy, 15 years and under: Laura Braithwaite; Light opera or musical comedy, 16 - 18 years, Hayley Griffiths.