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an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner

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(music) the sounds produced by singers or musical instruments (or reproductions of such sounds)

punishment for one's actions

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Professor Valerius was dead, but his widow remained in France with Daddy Daae and his daughter, who continued to play the violin and sing, wrapping in their dream of harmony their kind patroness, who seemed henceforth to live on music alone.
The melody of George was simple and plaintive; he aimed at no extraordinary exhibition of skill, and it was difficult to compare his music with that of Seymour.
He lends me his rooms,' wailed Mr Morrison, 'so that I can be perfectly quiet and undisturbed while I write my novel, and, first thing I know, this music starts to arrive.
There were those who said openly that it was taking chances enough to have such ghastly music going on, even when it was at its best; and that to exaggerate the crime by letting George help was simply flying in the face of Providence.
No; but music of that sort I should enjoy," said Dorothea.
Browning has renounced the selfish serenities of wild-wood and dream-palace; he has fared up and down among men, listening to the music of humanity, [51] observing the acts of men, and he has sung what he has heard, and he has painted what he has seen.
It is classical music, and is considered the best and most puzzling ever manufactured.
I was wondering whether it was the music or the people.
They spoiled the music just the same, with their antics and unrealities.
Having made that disheartening reply, he opened another music book.
They could not make these out at first, but as they became louder our friends thought they heard a sort of music like that made by a wheezy hand-organ; the music fell upon their ears in this way:
Quiet Germans, with maybe their wives and two or three children, sat listening to the music, with the expressions of happy cows.
It 's expensive, I know, but it 's remarkably good, and music is such a treat to me.
Mighty and sonorous was the music above our heads as the winds of the night stirred the great boughs tossing athwart the starlit sky.
The finest music which Mozart has written for the violin associates that instrument with the piano.