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Despite Mortensen's clear and detailed descriptions of either arm flexing or musculature of advanced larvae, he had no insight into the ontogeny of these structures, nor did he make explicit comparisons among taxa with contrasting behavior.
Two-character analyzes were performed to estimate the (co)variance components and genetic parameters of the MW character, with the birth weight (BW), weight gains from birth to weaning (WG) and after weaning (YG), and final weight (MW; in kg) characteristics, conformation (WC), finishing precocity (WP), musculature (WM) scores at weaning and conformation (YC), finishing precocity (YP), musculature (YM) scores at yearling, and final index (INDF).
Together these approaches will demonstrate whether modifications to the brain, the vocal musculature, or both, contribute to the savings of vocal motor skills, and enhance our understanding of the neural and peripheral mechanisms that are responsible for memorization and recall of motor skills.
for restraining and also to relieve spasms of neck musculature.
Although the published results from this study did not deal with the zygomatic musculature, in a personal communication between Miller and former student and lab technician, Dr.
2004) have described that Bachmann's bundle is continuous anatomically and electrically with the myocardial muscular bundleatriocoronary sinus bundle that links the base of the left atrial appendage to the myocardial musculature of the CS.
Although pain is not necessarily a part of this condition, when this condition has existed for a long time, the client does often experience upper back and neck pain, both due to the tightness of the upper trapezius and levator scapulae, and due to the accompanying imbalanced posture of the head that places increased stress on all the posterior extensor musculature of the cervicothoracic region.
The motor command to the muscle is sent in two different directions - in one direction, to trigger the desired muscular contraction and in the other, to inform the brain that the command has actually been passed on to the musculature," Chiara Pivetta, first author of the publication, said.
For instance, two studies have shown an increase in muscular output of selected shoulder girdle and abdominal musculature when performing push-ups with ST compared to the traditional approach (1,7).
The company stated that spasticity is characterised by sudden and uncontrollable movements of limb and torso musculature, and is among the most painful, damaging and debilitating symptoms of multiple sclerosis.
Despite teen puppy love, a tingly interest in male musculature, a profound lack of interest in sex with women, and no particular anti-gay animus, Rauch concluded only that he was "a monster," destined to be cut off from the pleasures of intimacy and family.
Applying the three motor tests for determining the level of strength expression of arm musculature allows us to make the following interpretations:
Gross examination showed severe infestation with Colpocephalum trispinum and Ardeicola melanopis lice, moderate emaciation, pale musculature, bursal atrophy, and severe hemorrhagic enteritis due to a heavy proventricular and intestinal infection with Porrocaecum heteropterum nematodes.
Children with the disease suffer from severe weakness of the body musculature and of the inner organs like the diaphragm, the main breathing muscle.
Covering over two hundred exercises, the volume provides full color instructional photographs as well as detailed, notated line drawings of musculature in action and in-depth explanations of each procedure.