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10) Due to low frequencies through base isolation, spectral horizontal accelerations are muscularly reduced as expected compare to corresponding accelerations of non-isolated building.
Giroud was muscularly magnificent, but his finishing was careless.
This provides a golden opportunity to advocate more muscularly for women's rights.
In an exploration of how designers evoke human forms, a bonelike column made in 1966 by Wendell Castle, crafted from stack-laminated wood, is paired with a muscularly legged stool skinned with hexagonal brass plating, designed by the Haas Brothers in 2012.
Smalley muscularly shrugged off and turned away from both Kyle Bartley and Hayden Mullins - Blues captain for the day - wide on the left and ran inside to poke the ball past Colin Doyle.
Activity in muscularly strengthening, or resistance, exercises was assessed by a questionnaire adapted from questions in the IPAQ, seeking the typical number of days per week that participants engage in resistance training and the average number of minutes per day for such muscle strengthening exercises.
And then, in terms of new programming, there's the audience: trying to make the Mobile fully, muscularly perform up to five shows a year on tour; trying to develop Public Works to change the relationship of ordinary people to a major cultural institution; winterizing the Delacorte, so every October we can put a tent up there and be offering free theatre to the people of New York year-round.
I had been dancing nonstop for 10 years, and it was actually nice to not stress about ab work," Gavezzoli says "Going through pregnancy is a workout in itself, but muscularly it was time for a dance pause.
As in the previous year, Trio con Brio Copenhagen's playing was magically fused, technically impeccable, lushly toned or muscularly rasping as called for-altogether a mesmerizing, transporting listening experience.
It was discovered that during mating season, prime female moose uttered a particular series of groans to "warn away" smaller, less muscularly developed males.
With the protesters not inclined to step back and 1% now actively out in the ring to defend their Wall, it is open to speculate when American administration goes fully and muscularly ballistic like its Arab clients -- yet some gone, some on way out.
Those who recall Tarzan will recognize the almost inarticulate but muscularly intelligent super hero, who swings from treetops, can communicate with the apes and rescues the lovely Jane, uttering the oft-quoted 'Me Tarzan, you Jane'.
And Ashley Williams had to come to the rescue nine minutes before the break when Ramsey's mistake led to a threatening break from Frei until he was muscularly eased off the ball by the Swansea City man.
Specifically, these study findings imply that boys are succumbing to the representation of muscularly perverse bodies in the mass media; in which the perceptions and attitudes taken of both their own body and other bodies are becoming increasingly (de)formed.