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Synonyms for muscleman

a bully employed as a thug or bodyguard

someone who does special exercises to develop a brawny musculature

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Meanwhile, in the body-building competition, Omani muscleman Abdallah al Rahbi won the bronze in the 90kg category.
So Gary's new crisp-peddling antics for Walkers Baked-as a naked muscleman on a bus full of equally exposed but much sexier commuters - are troubling, even though it's mostly filmed in proper-classy-like black and white.
To Alan Hartley I would say this: would your 15-stone muscleman react by blowing up the seven-stone man's area, including schools and medical centres?
Extraordinary People: The World's Smallest Muscleman (Five, 9pm)
Mongolian muscleman Asashoryu is the focus of one of sumo's biggest scandals ever - one that has all of Japan wondering if their cherished, ancient sport is on the take.
Mike's everyday Mr Universe diet is high in protein and carbohydrates but low in fat, and the muscleman will eat six to eight meals a day.
In the center of the room, a little muscleman made of painted Styrofoam spheres and standing on a cardboard box evoked both the long list of self-portraits produced by the artist over the years (in materials as various as sugar cubes, drinking straws, and aspirin) and the array of shoplifted balls in his hilariously subversive Hot Balls, 1992.
95), Peterson, who has trained muscleman Sylvester Stallone, shares his philosophies on health and fitness success.
HOLLYWOOD muscleman Jean-Claude Van Damme will pose for photos with young fans at a Midland martial arts school today - but only for pounds 50 a time.
Muscleman Mr T (Lawrence Tero), who starred in the original with George Peppard, could be bought back for the new film, although not as BA - whose initials stood for Bad Attitude.
Jane Astrauskas, 46, said she had been 'terrified' about meeting the Scots muscleman she gave birth to when she was 16 years old.
I was reminded of one such snippet that came my way via a 40-something muscleman at a West Hollywood Quizno's: "At my age I can only wear Abercrombie below the waist," he told his slightly younger companion.
Death is uncompromising, all-powerful, a muscleman ready to do battle.
The young kid, horror buff, monster Commissar, ghoul connoisseur, attic bedroom postered with violet skulls, cigarette butts on the floor, thinks he'd strangle girls after orgasm -- Pumping iron 13 years old, 175 pound muscleman, his father shot at him, missed, hit the door, he saw his mother's tiny apron, father clutched his throat, six foot four drunk, today's in Alcohol Anonymous.
This effort follows 1987's detente buddy picture, Red Heat, in which muscleman Arnold Schwarzenegger played a Moscow cop who teamed up with Chicago lawman Jim Betushi.