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For group interaction, the MUSCLE system provides three group competition activities.
It is therefore my conclusion that chronic pain is not difficult to fix for most people--provided you take a co-ordinated full body approach that balances the muscle system and removes the twisting, tilting or sagging from the structure.
Muscle system should be sufficient if we wish to be and feel healthy and strong.
They claim conventional shoes stabilise the body in a way that the supporting muscle system is neglected, which can result in joint and back pain.
They describe current work in areas such as copying the natural skeletal muscle design into a new artificial muscle system, optimization of new ultralow-k materials for advanced interconnection, applications of two-way shape memory polymer composite, and novel enzymatic polymerization of diazo compounds.
The skeletal muscle system includes all the peripheral nerves that control voluntary movement.
While wearing MBTs the body is forced to maintain its natural balance, stimulating and exercising the body's supporting muscle system.
Nervous and muscle system development in Phascolion strombus (Sipuncula).
24) This has a negative consequence because when there is an increase in the activity of the global muscle system there is a concomitant decrease in the deeper local muscle system.
Afferent information has different effects on the muscle system such as relaxation, movement or increased range of movement, increase in tone and/or reduction in tone.
The ancient art, with its background in Chinese medicine, isn't just about manipulating the muscle system.
This study reveals how the muscle system develops during naupliar development.
Just as overloading and failure occur when forces applied to a muscle system exceed its strength, applying forces in the wrong orientation can damage muscle systems.
In this disease, muscles suffer a vital loss of protein, and muscle fibers are replaced gradually by fat and connective tissue until, in the late stages of the disease, the voluntary muscle system becomes virtually useless.
Usually, however, the pain a person experiences in muscles is referred or transmitted from some other part of the muscle system.