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A recent study showed that 75% of Olympic men's 100 metres sprinters are born with more fast twitch muscle fibres than average.
Although the relation between the WB values and muscle fibre characteristics is unclear (Sazili et al.
BEFORE YOU think of flaunting your long legs in those fabulous stilletos, consider this finding by a new study-- long term use of high heels induces permanent changes in your calf muscle by shortening its muscle fibres.
One-way [chi square] analysis was performed between athletes and controls regarding their frequency distribution of type I and type II muscle fibre diameters.
Muscle fibre density in relation to colour and texture of smoked Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.
Work sponsored by MAFF, MLC and Sainsbury Aberdeen Angus beef supplier Glenbervie at the Scottish Agricultural College and the Rowett Institute is said to show Angus cattle "have more of the kind of muscle fibres thought to be responsible for tender, flavoursome meat and taste panel results tended to confirm this".
The book is well illustrated with electronmicrographs to show some of the latest work in understanding muscle fibres and their mode of contraction.
Larsson asserted that HRT is also associated with a more efficient organisation of myonuclei - essential components for muscle fibre function.
Muscle fibre traits as additional selection criteria for muscle growth and meat quality in pigs-results of a simulated selection.
The study is the first to investigate muscle fibre distribution across the whole of the cheetah's body,
The Schalke 04 player has a torn tendon above his left knee - and not just torn muscle fibre as first believed - after breaking down during a warm-up last week.
Weight training can make fast-twitch fibres thicker and stronger but there is no evidence to suggest that it is possible to convert one type of muscle fibre to another by training alone.
If a muscle fibre becomes damaged, the satellite cells become active, start to divide and then fuse with the muscle fibre.
Muscle formation has been seen as a one-way trip, going from stem cells to myoblasts to muscle fibre, but we were able to get a multi-nucleated muscle fibre to reverse course and separate into individual myoblasts," said Conboy.
Csapo and Olivier Seynnes, another researcher, then compared the muscle fibre length in the women's calf muscles.