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However, a very important question following transplantation is if these corrected cells would self-renew, and produce new muscle stem cells in addition to the new muscle fibers," she added.
Muscle fiber number and cross-sectional areas characteristics of M.
Among the muscle fiber characteristics, the total number of muscle fibers is an important factor affecting muscle mass and meat quality (Rehfeldt et al.
Association of the combined genotypes of Myf4 and MyoD with muscle fiber traits is shown in Table 3.
Histological analysis of soleus muscles using H&E staining revealed a marked reduction in muscle fiber size in the P8 + N group; however, we observed that muscle atrophy was strikingly alleviated in the P8 + GJG group (Fig.
Some differences in muscle fiber arrangement and collagen-rich areas were observed between the 2 sample types.
If a nerve reinnervates the muscle, it changes the muscle fiber types in a distinct pattern.
During the short period that ACh is in contact with the muscle fiber membrane, a nerve action potential, or nerve impulse, is initiated in the postsynaptic cell.
A well-established adaptation to endurance training is an increase in the mitochondrial content of trained muscle fibers (1), (3), (4), (5), a process that more recently has been referred to as mitochondrial biogenesis.
A fascinating new study published in the February 2008 issue of Cell Metabolism shows that stimulation of the growth of muscle fibers has substantial effects on liver glucose metabolism.
Mean muscle fiber area, myonuclei per muscle fiber, and myonuclear domain
The muscle fiber of raw shrimp was plump although there were gaps between muscle fibers (as shown in Fig.
The levels of SOD in red vastus (RV) muscle fiber were significantly decreased by 11% (experimental 1) and 33% (experimental 2) when compared with control rats.