muscle contraction

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(physiology) a shortening or tensing of a part or organ (especially of a muscle or muscle fiber)

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The mechanism of action of Argireline peptide targets the pre-synaptic pathway of the muscle contraction process by mimicking the N-terminal end of SNAP-25.
Magnolol was tested on spontaneous colonic smooth muscle contraction, ACh-induced contraction in control tissues treated with different agents, and in the presence of voltage-sensitive [Na.
where V is muscle volume, [kappa] is relative muscle contraction, [F.
32) and the presence or absence of sternocleidomastoid muscle contraction monitoring (p = 0.
Participants were directed to perform a pelvic floor muscle contraction using a standardised instruction: 'Draw in through your pelvic floor muscles as best as you can whilst breathing normally'.
There is an initial muscle contraction followed by passive momentum to exceed the static ROM.
Vascular smooth muscle contraction is triggered primarily by a rise in intracellular free [Ca.
Concentric muscle contraction is defined by active shortening of the muscles, as in stepping upward.
What I've seen when I've been in bear dens with hibernating bears," says Kasworm," is that bears do a fair amount of shivering and muscle contraction.
Interventions: Prior to randomization, all women received individual instruction in pelvic floor anatomy, and had a correct pelvic floor muscle contraction confirmed on vaginal examination.
The tissue of hydra contains such peptides which have been shown to regulate gene expressions and cell differentiation, induce muscle contraction, and initiate bud release.
In myasthenia gravis, antibodies block, alter, or destroy the receptors for acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction that prevents the muscle contraction from occurring.
Drugs to treat glaucoma, eye infection, and inflammation accounted for roughly 45 percent of gross sales, while neurotoxins used to control muscle contraction and spasms--the company's fastest-growing unit--represented about 15 percent of sales.
Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a molecule that supplies energy to cells for process like muscle contraction and sugar metabolism.
Transdermal ketoprofen, an investigational topical agent, appears to be effective in reducing self-reported delayed-onset muscle soreness after repetitive muscle contraction, Christopher Cannavino reported at the annual meeting of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine.