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At the time of the lawsuit filing, John, Peter and Dennis Murphy each owned 28.
The reams of court documents, however, say plenty about the history, philosophy and management style of Charles Murphy Jr.
Murphy submitted evidence that as a result of NYANG's conduct she suffered from bruxism, a stress-related condition that caused her to grind her teeth, resulting in permanent damage to her teeth.
This action will protect the taxpayer's right to a refund should the Murphy ruling stand.
We aren't to use the awls like ice picks, however--a motion that Murphy refers to as "Hitchcocking.
Schaffer also told detectives he and Murphy bought cocaine at a North Hollywood bar known as a gang hangout.
Early in their relationship, Murphy joined him on a three-week, cross-country trek on the back of his Harley Davidson.
After the altercation was over, Oeser was sorry that he had to shoot Murphy, but he also knew that he didn't have a choice: "It was the look in his eyes.
Monmouth University is an outstanding institution and it gives me great pride to know we raised a substantial amount of money for its scholarship fund," said Murphy.
To Nagel and Murphy, "there is no such thing" as a "pre-government distribution of bundles of resources," because it is the government's law and tax system--not the spontaneous and cooperative exchanges of individuals or some kind of "natural right"--that decides who gets what.
Other than political ambition, the other great driving force in Douglas's life, as Murphy tells it, was plain lust.
The odds of finding dino skin are way out there," says paleontologist Nate Murphy at the Judith River Dinosaur Institute in Montana.
Murphy was in East Timor on a three-month tourist permit, since he was unable to get a work visa that would have allowed him to stay in the country longer.
Murphy continues (xxv-xxvi) by giving several cogent reasons why Ramus chose to write his Brutinae quaestiones, which was directed against Cicero's De oratore (Orator).
Using labor and temperance journals, and to a lesser extent, letters and diaries, Teresa Anne Murphy argues that religion gave working people an avenue for protesting against their middle-class employers.