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Synonyms for murkiness

absence or deficiency of light

Synonyms for murkiness

an atmosphere in which visibility is reduced because of a cloud of some substance

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offensive against Libya's Moammar Gadhafi, has proposed an amendment to the War Powers Resolution that could clear up some of the murkiness surrounding the president's ability to order military action.
This is unprecedented confusion and undoubtedly the murkiness will cause us all to be conservative," says Scott Malaney, president and CEO of Blanchard Valley Health System, Findlay, Ohio.
Now the water is starting to clear, but there is still plenty of murkiness getting in the way of a transparent view regarding funding and regeneration.
Glasgow's murkiness and history are a folly for the protagonist who pines for Canada when whisky and headbutts (known as a Glasgow kiss) make his brain ache.
Against the background of the murkiness of Bulgarian law on the sex industry, it is notable that one set of busts, in Sofia and elsewhere in May 2010, was codenamed "Pimps"--even though, reportedly, some of those detained were prostitutes.
Almost all of the botanical names were checked against the US Department of Agriculture's Germplasm Resource Information Network, to avoid the multiple names and murkiness that haunts many classification attempts.
His probing led him into the murkiness of British nuclear policy.
But in the second half, the murkiness began to take a hold.
The transparency and smoothness of Mosser's analysis, by comparison with the crushing weight and murkiness of other works on the same topic, make this an easy--almost enjoyable--read.
Heavy bass buried Aaron Turner's sporadic vocals while a murkiness on Dulcinea and Backlit lessened their potency.
FLOW is inspired by the region and its changing industry, and the finished work will, through use of sensors, combine traditional and new technologies to monitor environmental details such as water temperature, speed, salinity, pollution, and murkiness - more technically known as turbidity.
To be fair, war is a dirty business and the boundaries of what is legal or illegal are often clouded in murkiness.
Some drivers were using side lights but they were barely visible through the murkiness.
The 1920s era is impressively recreated, showing Los Angeles in all its beauty and ugliness, and as Christine delves further into the labyrinthine murkiness of the police department the atmosphere is nicely sustained as she has to deal with bullying policemen, duplicitous lawyers and harsh authorities.