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Synonyms for murk

a thick, heavy atmospheric condition offering reduced visibility because of the presence of suspended particles

Synonyms for murk

an atmosphere in which visibility is reduced because of a cloud of some substance

make dark, dim, or gloomy

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This plan will help drive advances in pipeline safety technology, strengthen emergency preparedness and response planning, and encourage the adoption of holistic pipeline safety management systems, said Murk.
In the grand jury proceeding, jallepalli pointed to violent lyrics like "If I see him I'm gonna murk 'em.
Nonetheless, the job of the historian is to acknowledge the murk and try to penetrate it, not to pretend, out of ulterior motives, that it isn't there.
From his cult legend band Big Star through a solo career designed to alienate that cult, he became a saint for the underground artist, proving that no matter how hard you try to bury your own best instincts, unique quality will shine through the murk and attract love.
The moral murk of the drama has been one of the biggest attractions for millions of viewers.
It depicts the atmospheric nature of this part of the Pennines, as the sun rises out of the early morning murk.
The terrorists forced the residents of Murk region in Idlib province to flee their homes.
As a warning, a dark swirling murk of poisonous clouds would part and there below, a skeletal Bernie Slaven would be addressing both the members of crowd at the Riverside "if you''re no careful you''ll end up like us
UAE's Yassir Al Yassiri topped the Short Narrative Competition with his friendship tale Murk Light.
Shorts filmmakers bridge the Festival sections, for example Yassir Al Yassri with his film Murk Light which has been selected both for the Emirates Film Competition and the International Short Film Competition, showing that Emirati film makers are competing on a level with international productions in all sections.
By July 15th, when the planet was coming out of the pre-dawn murk for its 2012-13 apparition, it was showing a surprising belt reversal.
AMID the gloom and murk of a damp South Wales weekend it can be easy to lose sight of the inspirational things in life.
But it is that electoral freedom which allows us to give the coalition government a justifiably rough ride over major blunders - from swingeing public sector cuts and NHS ineptitude, through an economy in ruins and the murk surrounding MP's relationship with news barons.
It has come at an important time because soon, with winter on its way, children will be setting off to school and returning home in the dark and murk.
Inside the murk of the underworld, And filled, with terror,