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Synonyms for murk

a thick, heavy atmospheric condition offering reduced visibility because of the presence of suspended particles

Synonyms for murk

an atmosphere in which visibility is reduced because of a cloud of some substance

make dark, dim, or gloomy

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As light and fragrant as "Clemente" is, however, I would have wished it lighter and more aromatic, because I came looking for what I thought I had detected in Clemente's work over the years: a confirmation of the Mediterranean way of doing things, some visible evidence that, in the bookish, prudish, guilt-ridden, cryptogothic murk of late-twentieth-century high culture, an artist might live a cos mopolitan life in the sunshine of lovely places and make an art that speaks confidently to the virtues of that life--to its complexity, mobility, and exteriority.
Polly Harvey makes an appearance on ``Broken Homes,'' but she, too, is buried deep in the murk.
Yu my be wndrng why um sttng un the sea bd srrnded by murk," she declared.
In this picture, the fairy lights strung above the stalls indicate Christmas, rather than relief from the murk of Widnes.
The Game'' has a crisp yet ominous look, again brighter than ``Seven's'' purgatorial murk but unsettling just the same.
Folk soul veteran Terry Callier gives the earnest but troubled lyric added weight, but a little light in the musical murk would have been welcome.
ART is always at its best and most relevant when it goes in search of the truth, particularly when this truth has been long obscured by murk and lies and we are going to see several examples of this on our television screens over the Christmas period.
Friends are taking bets whether Greenspan - ``a manufacturer of verbal murk,'' says old pal Leonard Garment - will be able to say anything as direct as ``I do.
Consequently, you halfway expect some Ray Harryhausen nasties to emerge from the murk, just as they did in all those nature-run-amok movies that were so popular during the '50s and '60s (Radioactive Twenty Foot Insects Destroy City
And there can be no complaints about this walk-off in the murk.
I looked down and to the left, and I just saw this huge circle of teeth coming at me from out of the murk,'' he said.
Dery is a zealous researcher, and his lucid prose is free of the post-Structuralist murk that clouds the work of thinkers he is so fond of quoting, yet his inability to form original conclusions makes Escape Velocity seem more like a librarian's guided tour through the cybercultural canon than the vehement response to millennial crisis that he clearly intends it to be.
While you're submerged in murk, there's Bill Borrows's The Hurricane (Atlantic, pounds 6.
In the middle of all this shallow murk, for some nutty reason, is Jobim's ``Insensatez,'' easily the best thing here.
In an era of fashionable murk the incandescent tones of Peter Hristoff's latest paintings are like a defiant shout of joy or anger.