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in a murderous frenzy


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Easter eggs referencing his father Stephen King's works--ranging from Hill's use of "shine" as a verb of the supernatural variety to one character murderously swinging a shovel "like a croquet mallet"--pepper the book, delighting this fan of both writers.
Rather than murderously replacing each other, as Frazer's priests did, these worldviews always overlap.
Murderously suspicious of opponents and wary of their neighbours, they typically over-spent on military equipment, anti-riot technology and torture paraphernalia.
So fascinated are these funny women with the murderously macabre that they've recorded their own podcast, All Killa No Filla, about their favourite serial killers.
One episode skewers Caitlyn Jenner as a murderously clumsy Frankenstein's monster, the next depicts Canadian President Donald Trump being literally raped to death.
It is equally important, though, that this must be done in a way that does not offer succor to the psychopaths, either by effectively endorsing their self-ordained status as warriors, or by depleting the very freedoms that they are believed to murderously resent.
Set in the 1997 London Cool Britannia scene, when Britpop bands Blur, Oasis and The Verve rule the airwaves, this razor-sharp adaptation of Sunday Mail columnist John Niven's cult novel follows the cynical antics of murderously ambitious A&R man Steven Stelfox (wonderfully played by Nicholas Hoult).
Mantis shrimps famed for their murderously fast punches readily swing at each other during disagreements.
It certainly felt as if it could prove a turning point - yet Federer held murderously to love, then broke Murray - a razor-sharp Hawkeye challenge when he had clipped the baseline, then volleying a winner after a long rally at set point.
InuYasha, a half-demon-canine from feudal Japan, and Kagome, an ordinary modern-day schoolgirl with the ability to travel back and forth through time, fight to keep shards of the powerful Shikon Jewel away from the demonic, murderously cruel mastermind Naraku.
Today, Eliot's masterpiece can be read as a warning about the path being taken by Russia, where politics under President Vladimir Putin have been growing murderously medieval.
It involves accidental killings, capricious death for one but not another, tainted situations where every choice is murderously wrong.
before breath and air murderously returned to your lungs.
You can't defeat a people engaged in this kind of warfare by a mere coup de main, in this case a military invasion, as Israel's army is foolishly - and murderously -- doing today in Gaza.
It is inevitable that when it comes to humanitarian action in the face of atrocity, we will get things horribly, and murderously, wrong.