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(ancient Rome) a professional combatant or a captive who entertained the public by engaging in mortal combat

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Bene conscius sum hoc munus secundum suam essentiam spiritualem non solum agendo et
La risposta a questo punto dell'avo eroicizzato richiama nel De re publica il valore delle dottrine misteriche, fatto proprio da Platone, (12) della vita da intendere come un munus assegnato dalla divinita cui l'uomo non deve sottrarsi, messaggio valido contro la liberta del suicidio che il cristianesimo di Petrarca non puo non condividere:
It is the original munus that constitutes us and makes us destitute in our moral finiteness (8).
The word munus, from which communitas is derived, in its dual meaning of law and gift--of law of the gift --severs the knot whereby all contemporary communitarianism has bound community to proprium, connecting it instead to what is other.
See Pope Benedict XV, Encyclical Letter, Pacem, Dei Munus Pulcherrimum [paragraph] 17 (May 23, 1920), available at http://www.
Apuleio e i poeti latini arcaici', in: Munus Amicitiae.
When I say that subsidiarity means that Ego helps the Other to do what she or he has to (or must) do as a suum munus, I do not imply that Ego dictates the norms of conduct to Alter, by providing him or her with a sort of Decalogue.
Par la lettre apostolique Praecipuum munus Leon XIII justifait sa decision par l'obligation morale de promouvoir la religion chretienne au niveau du monde entier sur le modele permanent pour l'eglise catholique.
Quarum magnificentia sublimior quaedam liberalitas est circa sumptus ingentes et magnos, ut si quis ad usum populi theatrum aedificet aut ludos exhibeat Megalenses aut gladiatorum munus aut epulum publicum.
But it is equally clear that the caps that it suggests are based upon a pre-existing hierarchy of gladiators, graded according to the palus system, combined with a ranking proposed by the senatus consultum that was based on the overall cost of the respective munus.
See also Benedict XV, "Pacem, Dei Munus Pulcherimmum, Encyclical of Pope Benedict XV on Peace and Christian Reconciliation," 23 May 1920.
If we turn now to the commentaries themselves, we find that the Conimbricenses' commentary on the Physics defines life as follows: "to move oneself immediately and as the principal cause of one's own motion is the proper office of life" (movere se simpliciter et ut principalem sui motus causam est proprium munus vitae).
Alii sunt iudices delegati, quibus a sede Apostolica hoc munus iudicandi haereticos in specie datum est, quos iura, Inquisitores, vocant.
45) These words echo Tacitus's claim: praecipuum munus annalium reor ne virtutes sileantur utque pravis dictis factisque ex posteritate et infamia metus sit.
Free cash flow is defined as net sales, minus cost of goods sold, minus selling and administrative expenses, munus total taxes, minus interest expense on debt, minus preferred stock and common stock dividends.