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A key indicator of JMC's success in ensuring mission readiness is the Munitions Readiness Report, which provides a worldwide view of war reserve and training ammunition statuses.
If cluster munitions, or laser-guided artillery or cruise missiles are required for that outcome, armies will use them.
Cluster munitions are deployed from either the air or ground, scattering bomblets over a wide area on the ground.
Russia is party to a United Nations protocol that bans the use of air-dropped incendiary munitions onto areas that have concentrations of civilians; the Syrian government, however, is not.
The ministry said, "By procuring new guided munitions, the Defense Forces will achieve new long-range capability, a more effective use of the heavy rocket launcher system which was procured in 2006, and the range of munitions will be more diversified.
Even if the attacks were directed at the military targets, the use of cluster munitions meant they were still unlawful, Human Rights Watch said.
The president and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces has commended the unit and its role in providing the needs of the armed forces of such munitions and supplies at home.
The non-signatories to the Convention on Cluster Munitions include all these 10 countries.
HRW researchers visited South Kordofan in the first week of April and found evidence of six cluster bombs, including remnants of the weapons, including sub munitions, apparently dropped by government aircraft on villages in Delami and Um Durein counties.
To date, 113 nations have joined the Convention on Cluster Munitions (84 of them are states parties to the convention while 29 still need to ratify the document).
Cluster munitions are also being destroyed in great numbers through clearance efforts in states parties that are contaminated from past cluster munitions use, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Croatia, Laos, and Lebanon.
1) Bill C-6: An Act to Implement the Convention on Cluster Munitions is now awaiting third reading in the House of Commons.
Like their significant transformation of commercial systems, MEMS have the potential to transform munitions across defense systems, as found in MEMS development at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Division (Indian Head EODTD).
The nation's munitions industrial base requires careful attention now to ensure its ability to meet the needs of the services in the future.
Syria used cluster munitions extensively in the second half of 2012 and the first half of 2013, causing numerous civilian casualties," said the study, Cluster Munition Monitor Report.