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Summary: Home to golden beaches, munificent vineyards and delectable seafood Cape Town is an old maven at seizing any traveller's soul.
He added: "Gower's fame rests chiefly on his munificent benefactions and his distinction as an architect.
It's worth the price of admission just to see what munificent grace, warmth, wisdom and sly humor that Robin Shropshire brings to the role of the omniscient housekeeper for Burt Hines' (Rob Lynds).
NNA - Casino du Liban Board of Directors on Monday decided at the end of its meeting at the "Intra Company" quarter in Beirut, to reconsider the files of the sacked workers each separately, with munificent financial incentives for those who would be sacked.
Close up you can see what a munificent tree it is - packed with its glistening red berries.
all possible facilities and dignified repatriation of the IDPs and we would welcome more munificent and productive support from the international community in this regard.
What he and his mother do not seem to have realized is that a 300 million-strong voluble and aspirational middle class has made its appearance since 1991, which is impatient with the Congress' feudal attitude of a munificent landowning family providing doles and subsidies to the underprivileged.
Around lake Biel, it's time for the annual wine festivals--culminating in the munificent, marvellous Truelete weekend in Twann.
Egypt has always relied on munificent benefactors to sustain its patchy state and economy.
These steps can be reversed if the generals change their ways, but, until then, the United States should slam the door on an aid program that has provided the Egyptian military with a munificent $1.
4 billion of this amount is in the form of soft loans made by seemingly munificent owners.
For the munificent sum of $25,000, Kohlmann lectured the military jury on the horrors of the Al Qaeda terror network.
It was sad to see such munificent resources dutifully mobilized to such uninspiring ends: Woefully chaired by Claudia Pestana, a curator at Sharjah Art Foundation (SAF), most of the talks comprised lackluster presentations by artists paired with lectures monotonously intoned by curators.
Who knows, perhaps 'the impatient optimist' was inspired somewhere along the way by the munificent legacy of a great Birmingham company like Cadbury.