municipal note

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a municipal debt instrument with a maturity of less than 2 years

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This tax break allows municipal notes to trade at lower yields, [i.
Changing the tax laws to provide incentives for banks to purchase municipal notes or bonds would both reduce a city's cost of financing as well as encourage local banks to be a partner in economic development.
and foreign financial and non-financial corporations, commercial paper, municipal notes and repurchase agreements.
Against the background of the total demand for the ruble notes offers in the rare municipal notes started appearing also.
government agency securities, commercial paper, bankers acceptances, certificates of deposit, municipal notes and bonds, repurchase agreements, other LGIPs, and money market funds.
Where appropriate, Fitch will reflect this increased risk by applying lower short-term ratings to municipal notes than what would be implied by the long-term ratings on similarly secured obligations.
During 2002, TGH Securities completed more than 165 underwritings totaling $994 million, and was nationally ranked in the top fifteen underwriters of short-term municipal notes (final maturity of less than thirteen months) for the year-ended December 31, 2002 by Thompson Financial Securities Data.
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