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the quality or character of being intellectually sophisticated and worldly through cultivation or experience or disillusionment

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In a sense, techne allows the bringing forth of something out of nothing, where poesis leads us from something to nothing--a method for transcending the mundanity of the "everyday" to a place in our "heart-of-hearts" that is a tabula rasa (a blank slate) on which the script of our lives can be rewritten.
And new album 90 Bisodol (Crimond) proved yet again that no other songwriter on earth casts such a withering eye over the mundanity of modern life.
The show is like the character - gentle and meandering with a banal mundanity that seems increasingly surreal.
Coventry City has become sedate; a club drifting along in a sea of mundanity.
Joe (Gordon-Levitt) is getting rather bored of the mundanity of killing people in Kansas 2044 when his future self (Willis) is sent back to be shot.
Nevertheless, we are forced to confront the mundanity of our individual and collective lives, where money provides no easy panacea.
As she says, she is not interested in rocking the boat for any of her lovers; she simply wants the fun without the mundanity of married life.
A laugh-out-loud send-up of Chris Martin and Co, called Everything Sounds Like Coldplay Now, gives the chance for Benn to vent some spleen about the mundanity of modern life, but it's on his closing passionate defence of the BBC that he really hits full flow.
Shouting Down the Silence is particularly good at delineating the mundanity that's required when forging a living as an experimental artist.
Of course the mundanity of the participants is matched only by the sheer oddness of those who follow F1.
Despite its utter mundanity, sleep resists simple scientific explanation.
Even the silver-haired guitarist in the corner singing "Desperado," it turns out, is Quixote-like in his unwillingness to settle for late-life mundanity.
Chapter 3 is a 19-page disquisition upon Passages of History: From Mundanity to Philosophy.
IeCOm generally a happy person, and I have a stable and solid home life, but IeCOm also an emotional fool who has a tendency to over-empathise or romanticise the sadness of mundanity to a point where it inevitably finds a voice in my music.