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Synonyms for mundaneness

the quality or character of being intellectually sophisticated and worldly through cultivation or experience or disillusionment

the quality of being commonplace and ordinary

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Whether it is the mundaneness of iron mining, her gender, her nationality, her disdain toward journalists or her private nature that has kept Rinehart out of the international spotlight, her relative obscurity may be coming to an end.
So, Mirtahmasb followed him around his apartment, documenting the mundaneness of confinement to make a bigger statement about the lack of artistic freedoms in Iran.
73) Alternatively, decisionmakers may underestimate low-probability events because of their mundaneness.
As such, terms like exceptional or extraordinary, although of far less impact than that of 'sacred', appear best to designate rimbu, with the contrast not on the profane but the mundaneness of the everyday as should become clear.
In this work of historical reconstruction, Gordon displays the glory, tragedy, rarity, and mundaneness of a human life, Calvin's life; through a study of this life, light can be shed on our lives, if we choose.
The film gains force from a powerful "contrast effect" that juxtaposes the coarse mundaneness of its visual style with fantastic and impossible narrative content.
Roberto said he was staggered by the mundaneness of it, the constant battle he and his players were embroiled in.
It is a succinct miniature scene of our dailyness, capturing it in a peculiarly silent mundaneness.
I feel just like Michael Douglas in the movie Falling Down where the repetitive mundaneness of his life, coupled with a searing heatwave, sends him on a shotgun rampage.
If people could just realize the amount of mundaneness and followers that lack creativity.
19) The causes of violence that materialize within these early pamphlets are shocking in their mundaneness.
Validating this experience is important as trauma survivors learn to cope with the mundaneness of ordinary life experiences.
The problem is that the juxtaposition from youth and vitality to the mundaneness and ordinariness of adult life has the concomitant effect of the text taking on somewhat of a quotidian tone in and of itself.
The interior world of Don Quixote, his ecstasies of the soul as contrasted with the mundaneness of his physical stasis and frustrating relationship with Sancho, progresses along the lines of Pickpocket [1959] to arrive at a privileged moment of rapture.
and the part of you that knows she's right, because how many fall Sundays do we really have in our healthy lives--in response to these voices, real or imagined, I ask this: how many times in adult lives that for most of us, let's be honest, are arcing toward mundaneness and away from the vitality of youth, do we get the chance to taste again that unquestioning adrenalin of the child?