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in a worldly manner

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In terms of future research and activism regarding Britain's IRCs, a conclusion of this analysis is therefore that the detention and removal regime will never be fundamentally challenged unless we engage with the complex ways in which many of society's most privileged are mundanely, affectively and intimately (and usually only implicitly) invested in the same geopolitical, nationalist and racialised norms foundational to coercive border controls.
Let me begin most mundanely with a history of how Alice's Adventures in Wonderland came about.
The truth, rather mundanely, lies somewhere in between.
Sadly, it is primarily the wartime setting that allowed these stories of factory women to be told; losing one scalp in an accident might otherwise appear too mundanely violent for viewers.
In the tradition of the Great Star List, then, Mars is to be mundanely associated with Elam.
Jack Zaloga's "A Brief Walk" begins mundanely enough with a young girl picking herself off the street to find herself in the company of a street mutt, and proceeds to get progressively more surreal as the dog begins to talk, shares a table with the girl at a diner, and guides her along the street toward some unknown destination.
While some compromises are covenants with death or agreements with hell, (262) the phenomenon of compromise, more generally and mundanely, is deeply valuable for the same reasons that acting together is valuable.
This disorder refers to psychological distress and biological and behavioral dysfunction or impairment resulting from the extra stresses that mundanely operates in ADP's lives under dominance of Eurasian civilization.
The fuzzy nature of tornadoes is analogous to the complications of even the most mundanely understood surface.
233) More mundanely, the international system allows a wide scope for retorsions: nonforcible acts of lawful retaliation, such as the limiting of diplomatic relations.
The very reason we hire outstanding teachers to work in our schools is to "empower" their creative cultivation of the art of teaching history, not to force them to march mundanely through a bland process that strangles relevant historical thinking.
As Stefan Lorenzutti wrote in Tablet in 2013, "'Quarried'" from cemeteries during World War II (by the Nazis), the decades that followed (by Poles), and even up until the present day, matzevot had been and continue to be used in any instance in which ordinary stone might normally, mundanely, and practically suffice.
The first, rather mundanely, related to the registered tonnage measurement of steamboats.
For us, mood work is a way of considering how a community throws itself together not through identity categories or a representational order but more directly and mundanely through common orientations to breaking forces and events and their catchment areas.
More mundanely, the notes contain this comment: "Good nite's sleep, full breakfast, 2nd cup of coffee, and getting the day organized are major ingredients in my daily working equilibrium.