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in a worldly manner

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cms) said , "All in all it's the sort of movie that offers some asinine entertainment whose USP is the utter predictability it offers - mundanely amusing
Yet the devices mundanely familiar to a 14-year-old are still often baffling to a 44-year-old, who then abdicates all power in confusion.
1 wasn't about to try and take over the planet, rather, somewhat more mundanely, he was about to try and sell a load of Nike golf clubs and shoes to some easily influenced kids.
81) More ambitiously, the insurance company might seek federal preemption of state standards or some other sweeping "tort reform" plan; more mundanely, it might merely apply for an increase in permitted premiums to cover expanding liability under the existing regime.
The perversion of their father-daughter relationship is routinely, even mundanely, brought home with euphemistic force: "How sweet it was to bring that coffee to her, and then deny it until she had done her morning duty.
Not simply the rope that binds us to the mast, or more mundanely, the insight to place the alarm clock out of reach, the regime not only inhibits discriminatory conduct, but also affirmatively enhances local power through the very constraints it imposes on it.
So at his 330-acre Chasemore Farm at Cobham in Surrey, which he purchased five years ago and this year welcomed the first foal born on the grounds, a Rock Hard Ten filly out of Veiled Beauty, you will find mares from sources as far afield as Japan but also as mundanely close to home as Lingfield claimers.
137) These two preliminary arguments mundanely track the post-1993 economically motivated and rational shareholder hypothesis.
Emerson ([1844] 1983b: 492) appears to have been convinced that one can finally depend only on the validity of one's own agenda, in contradistinction and in fact as a reaction to how one may mundanely dress the garden, attend dinners, discuss the household, and all these things "make no impression, are [all] forgotten next week".
Or alternatively, but admittedly more mundanely, the hotheads could just "have a word with themselves".
In fact, a little more mundanely, it is from the Finnish city of Tampere, which apparently is known as the Manchester of Finland.
The piece of flowered wallpaper appears to be pre-formed and mundanely meaningless, but the notion of paradisiacal surroundings connected with the flowers is disturbed by the intrusion of little devils cheekily greeting the viewer with a raised arm.
If things go wrong, anyone who visited either a prisoner or a patient is liable to be suspected of causing the misfortune by use of sorcery or, more mundanely, by having 'upset' the visited person.
Some, like those involved in the Sarkozy/Stiglitz initiative, worry that traditional measures inadequately capture the dynamics and critical dimensions of economic activity; while others worry more mundanely that we are missing crucial pieces of economic growth by not including the data on innovation in our accounting systems.
More mundanely, I construe it as highlighting that the consequences of the so-called Fair Work Act 2009 for the Australian economy will be extremely foul, and that only witches could be so wicked as to describe its foul measures as being "fair".