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Synonyms for mundane

Synonyms for mundane

relating to or characteristic of the earth or of human life on earth

Synonyms for mundane

found in the ordinary course of events

concerned with the world or worldly matters

belonging to this earth or world


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Therefore, it defiles the scared by making the mundane seem sacred.
It is not, then, a stretch to claim that that relationship between the mundane and the fantastic will be best understood when we look at novels in which the landscape engages with the divide imagined between the two by critics.
The goal is to assess whether AI can eliminate mundane tasks that take up fund managers' time.
After discussing magnanimous and mundane morality, I argue that much, though not all, of the political support for minimum-wage legislation comes from its being seen as motivated by the former morality.
Roddy Doyle mixes the magical with the mundane | Roddy Doyle mixes the magical with the mundane
In her introduction to William Eggleston's book of photographs The Democratic Forest, Eudora Welty writes, "They focus on the mundane world.
It is a mundane nature; the nature found in the corners and forgotten spaces of our cities.
It's a neat poem, where the mundane world encroaches on the fantastic.
In the case of risk management, tough times have meant a more intense focus on harnessing systems and technology platforms to reduce or even eliminate the more mundane manual tasks associated with the risk management function.
But what Harvey Pekar did do was pair comics with tales of shattered American dreams and the trials and tribulations of the everyday working stiff, sort of making the mundane profane and at the same time poignant.
This Imperial Stormtrooper had to get used to a rather more mundane form of human transport, although he blended in nicely with the crowds attending the fourth annual British International Comics Show at Thinktank in Birmingham over the weekend.
Most North Americans have a blind spot for mundane nature, no doubt the result of works by American authors such as Sierra Club founder John Muir.
Being mundane is something that our non-magical world just is.
A NEW online petition is demanding the prison sentence against Paris Hilton be reversed claiming she "enlivens mundane lives".
He just doesn't fit in with the neighborhood dogs and their more mundane interests in life .