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Synonyms for mummification

a condition resembling that of a mummy

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(pathology) gangrene that develops in the presence of arterial obstruction and is characterized by dryness of the dead tissue and a dark brown color

embalmment and drying a dead body and wrapping it as a mummy

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She also asserted that the workshop aims to train the participants, who are all genetics specialists and mummification experts, on how to deal with these "special type of antiquities" that need highly trained and educated experts.
Rumours of a curse after the fifth Earl of Carnarvon's untimely death, as well as other mysteries are swiftly dealt with, and there's a long section on the pharaoh's sarcophagus, which ought to have been at least introduced during the section on mummification and his funeral, among other slightly confusing lapses between words and pictures.
Even clothes can help mummification, according to Piombino-Mascali, because they can act as a wick that absorbs bodily fluids from the skin.
A lack of such damage signals that natural or artificial mummification blocked rapid decomposition of a dead body's flesh.
Several administrative procedures are required for flying bodies out of the Kingdom, including acquiring mummification certificates, burial permits, death certificates, air bookings, and the approval of the embassy of the home country to where these bodies will be deported.
Mummification has been reported in several species including sheep, goat, cattle, horse, pig, dog and cat.
Request of best offers and proposals for the leasing & exploitation of the (a) west side cafeteria at the Egyptian Museum, also (b) the Mummification Museum Cafeteria in Luxor.
The author points out the difficulties inherent in defining what is meant by mummification and whether the intention was always to preserve the body or whether it was an aspect of ritual.
And when she died, the celebrity singer - real name Tayesmutengebtiu - got the best mummification money could buy, bound in bandages and preserved for eternity with her favourite bling adorning her body.
However, in psychiatry, mummification is not a religious ritual but a symptom presenting in a minority of patients suffering from grief.
Summary: British scientists claim Tutankhamun's body may have spontaneously combusted due to botched mummification.
British experts believe that injuries on his body are akin to those sustained in a chariot accident and that his mummification was botched.
Those heading to the museum can get a taste of being an embalmer's apprentice, see Greek Hellenistic historical re-enactments or learning about the process of mummification.
The process of mummification in ancient Egypt is displayed together with substances and small implements used in the process.