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indistinct enunciation

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ineffectual chewing (as if without teeth)

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Panting like a spent hound Bradley worked at the thongs about his ankles while the maniac lay quivering and mumbling where it had fallen.
His narrative was often broken by lapses of concentration during which he reverted to his plaintive mumbling for food and recurrence to the statement that there was a way out; but by firmness and patience the Englishman drew out piece-meal a more or less lucid exposition of the remarkable scheme of evolution that rules in Caspak.
Borckman's anger-convulsed face ludicrously attempted a sheepish, deprecating grin, and he was just mumbling, "We was only playing," when Jerry arrived back, leaped in the air, and sank his teeth into the offending hand.
The man, mumbling, explained that he believed the animal had guessed that he was to be sent away and he feared he would attempt to escape.
From the kitchen she could hear him mumbling to himself, and when she returned he was repeating over and over:
Whatever it was, the rebuke was convincing, for the woman dropped her hoe and went mumbling into the house.
THE BBC has been hit by yet more complaints about mumbling after viewers branded the sound quality on Happy Valley "shocking".
He said: "I've heard about the mumbling and it is annoying.
By the end of three hours standing out there, he wasn't mumbling any more.
I like to listen to her; I pretend I am playing with my dolls and I sit on the floor near her rocking chair and listen to her mumbling.