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a person who speaks softly and indistinctly

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That said, if the chaps had applied themselves a little better on the day then maybe they'd have relegated the appearance of the finest mumbler Hollywood has produced since Marlon Brando stuffed handfuls of cotton wool into his mouth and started threatening New Yorkers of Italian descent to a minor footnote.
Plus, the guy's such a mumbler that Almereyda thought it necessary to subtitle at least half of Eggleston's comments.
There was then in the abbey [of Seuilly] a claustral monk called Friar John of the Funnels, young, gallant, frisk, lusty, nimble, quick, active, bold, adventurous, resolute, tall, lean, wide-mouthed, long-nosed, a rare mumbler of matins, unbridler of masses and runnerover of vigils; and to conclude summarily in a word, a right monk, if ever there were any, since the monking world monked a monkery.
5 - Not strictly a Mogwai moment, frontman of sorts Stuart Braithwaite formed the Sick Anchors, a post-rock supergroup with Arab Strap mumbler Aidan Moffat.
In the early 1970s he and Ann, with Percy Mumbler and Jack Campbell, joined Pastor Frank Roberts' NSW Aboriginal Lands and Rights Council, which strengthened their commitment to land rights and culture.
In order to identify the culprit, the user must solve spelling puzzles, gather clues, and eventually deduce which Mumbler is guilty.
If the system is well trained and well used, and if the doctor doesn't have an accent and isn't a mumbler," observes Douglas, "then the raw speech to text accuracy can be about 95 percent.
Hank's three pals supply fundamental redneck humor: Dale's the conspiracy nut whose wife is having an affair with Native American healer John Redcorn; Bill's the fool; and Boomhauer is the mumbler with plenty to say about everything.
He was a mumbler, and I had to ask him to repeat it twice.
Behind them on a bench, sitting squarely in the hot sun, are the regulars: a Cuban man and woman who hold hands as if attending a matinee in old Havana, a pensive young girl in halter and shorts, and a gray-bearded mumbler whom no one dares question about his balletomania.
Self-confessed mumbler of song and speil, Mark Wynn will bring a somewhat alternative take on poetry and music to the stage.
If one subtracts the birther crackpots, froth-at-the-mouth zealots, overpopulationists, white supremacists, homophobes, misogynists and go-back-in-the-woods-and-survive-with-superior-firepower boys from the Republican Party, all that's left is a wrinkled, toothless mumbler with no agenda and no sense of direction.
Wayward Tory mumbler Boris Johnston to motormouth 'yeah, but no, but yeah' Little Britain problem child Vicky?
In interviews he comes across as some kind of shy, slightly incoherent mumbler.
The oral histories and photographs collected along the south coast by Lee Chittick and Terry Fox in the 1990s for their book about the life of Percy Mumbler add an important further dimension to this corpus of material.