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Synonyms for mumbler

a person who speaks softly and indistinctly

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He was a mumbler, and I had to ask him to repeat it twice.
Behind them on a bench, sitting squarely in the hot sun, are the regulars: a Cuban man and woman who hold hands as if attending a matinee in old Havana, a pensive young girl in halter and shorts, and a gray-bearded mumbler whom no one dares question about his balletomania.
Self-confessed mumbler of song and speil, Mark Wynn will bring a somewhat alternative take on poetry and music to the stage.
If one subtracts the birther crackpots, froth-at-the-mouth zealots, overpopulationists, white supremacists, homophobes, misogynists and go-back-in-the-woods-and-survive-with-superior-firepower boys from the Republican Party, all that's left is a wrinkled, toothless mumbler with no agenda and no sense of direction.
Wayward Tory mumbler Boris Johnston to motormouth 'yeah, but no, but yeah' Little Britain problem child Vicky?
In interviews he comes across as some kind of shy, slightly incoherent mumbler.
The oral histories and photographs collected along the south coast by Lee Chittick and Terry Fox in the 1990s for their book about the life of Percy Mumbler add an important further dimension to this corpus of material.
He's tall, dark and handsome and, unlike that stonefaced mumbler Pierce Brosnan, he's a brilliant actor into the bargain.
Which is probably the very reason the Mockney mumbler does indeed love it there so much - because no one can understand what any bugger is saying, let alone him
It's high time there were more like the Manama Mumbler complaining in the GDN about cats at the British Club.
OK, so after the first eight mai tais that ``9'' sure looks like a ``4,'' and darn it, after that many pretty drinks I'd probably also get a hankering to know the mumbler of the Steers and Bobeck, rannow
It's the next two Rambo movies that ruined things for me, so I wasn't too sure if I was going to enjoy another outing from the machine gun-toting mumbler.
Del Toro, the magnificent mumbler from ``The Usual Suspects,'' is no one's idea of a romantic leading man, but he gets the job done by playing against it.
And after some showy rounds of ultra-hip casting - besides Bowie, the film features Dennis Hopper, Courtney Love and ``The Usual Suspects' '' marvelous mumbler Benicio Del Toro - Wright was hired last.