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(chemistry) the state of having a valence greater than two

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Nietzsche's attack on Christianity can be faulted for its superficial grasp of both Jewish and Christian history, its insensibility to the multivalency of biblical poetics and varieties of religious experience, and its uncritical recital of many of the prejudices of nineteenth-century German liberal hermeneutics.
I track this example here at least in part because of the kinetic relation Heidegger establishes between what he calls "world" and "earth"--which will bring me back to the concept of the nomos (recall Schmitt's Nomos of the Earth) via the multivalency of Heidegger's term, Riss.
This accusation would seem to proceed from the recognition that the camera fixes his identity by eliding time and space (there is a nice multivalency to the verb "fix," which also accommodates notions of "correcting", "arranging", "punishing" and "improperly manipulating").
If the solidarity and communicability of science and religion cannot be made convincing not only to the individuals involved in dialogue but also to the communities at large, whose motivation and mobilization are the reasons for the process to be begun at all, there has been no transformation and no general recognition of the prismatic multivalency of the world, no awakening to our task of creative anger against the fragmentation of our human relationship with Creation.
For the advantages of tragicomedy for such multivalency, see Nancy Maguire, Introduction, Renaissance Tragicomedy, 6-8.
Embracing the multivalency of Caesar's history, the play, like Plutarch, creates a unified personality for him.
But while they call inadvertent attention to the instability, the multivalency of, and, above all, the politics that shape aesthetic choice, personal taste, interpretation, and so forth, Bloom, who resents their proverbial School of Resentment, mourns the loss of "proper" criteria for textual evaluation and the dissolution of "proper" humanities departments: "What are now called 'Departments of English,'" he be moans, "will be renamed departments of 'Cultural Studies,' where Batman comics, Mormon theme parks, television, movies, and rock will replace Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Wordsworth, and Wallace Stevens" (484-485).
If the image tracks of Winterbottom's cinema reflect the ambiguities of globalization, we might expect to find a similar multivalency in its soundscapes.
By leveraging its proprietary insight of multivalency to drug discovery focused on validated targets, Theravance is pursuing a next generation drug discovery strategy designed to discover superior medicines in large markets.
Viewing the mariners as at once self-indulgent shirkers and neglected heroes, however, raises for me a question of how far it is desirable to seek the multivalency in critical arguments that we relish in literary texts, or whether for critics a flexible principle of internal consistency in vantage point is preferable.
The multivalency of art's role in arid zone society is recognised, being both secular/casual and sacred/ceremonial (Gunn 2000).
And though Grace Tiffany concedes that her review of the multivalency embedded in the names of the principal characters of the play might not yield any "new" insights into the characters, it at least underscores the polyphony the play invites and challenges its audiences, both early modern and modern, to hear (365).