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having more than one story

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According to the plan chalked out by the Ministry of Urban Development ( MoUD), the government' residential colony of Sarojini Nagar will witness multistorey residential towers compris- ing around 9,500 residential units besides 1.
As an obvious means of funnelling daylight to the arrivals hall below, these multistorey clefts also signpost the various stages of departure, from check-in to aircraft boarding.
The multistorey has been repaired, repainted and has improved lighting and new CCTV cameras.
Annual season tickets for reserved parking places at the Brindley Drive multistorey car park will be increased from pounds 1,445 to pounds 1,470.
A hospital spokesman said: "The concept of a multistorey car park has wide support.
Borough council cabinet member Julie Jackson said: "The Harefield Road multistorey is a pay on foot car park, which means parking attendants need to be on site while it is open.
A FEASIBILITY study will examine plans for a multistorey car park at Birmingham's Millennium Point.
Already the curved outline of the waterfront venue can be clearly seen - while a multistorey car park is also rising from the ground.
Firefighters were called to the eighth floor of the multistorey car park in Epworth Street, opposite the Royal Liverpool Hospital, at 6.
A council officer's report, to be considered by councillors this Wednesday, asks councillors to agree the principle of "the use of the central car parks only for short stays, the increasing role of park and ride sites for long stays, the construction of multistorey car parks linked directly to the ring road, and the expectation that users should expect a short walk to their final destination".
The hospital may build a 1,200-space multistorey car park at its new pounds 300m home to pacify some residents angered by its plans for Springfield Park.
The development company, a Mersey Docks Group subsidiary, has been granted planning approval by Liverpool City Council for a multistorey car park building which will incorporate a 6,350 sq ft creche facility and 8,000 sq ft of retail units.
Councillor David Bryden, who has special responsibility for planning and development, said: "I am delighted to announce the introduction of some new parent and toddler spaces within the Ropewalk multistorey car park.